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Key Literature in Medical education

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KeyLIME - Key Literature in Medical Education

Bringing you the main points of a medical education article in just 20 minutes.

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Episode 90 –The impact of adopting EHRs

In this episode: Linda presents a paper discussing the advantages and disadvantages of EHR becoming the norm.
Varpio L, Day K, Elliot-Miller P, King JW, Kuziemsky C, Parush A, Roffey T, Rashotte J.
Journal: The impact of adopting EHRs: how losing connectivity affects clinical reasoning. Medical Education. 2015 May;49(5):476-86
Length: 16:11 min

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Episode 89 – 16 ways to Actually Teach Clinical Reasoning

Length: 27:45 min

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Episode 88 – Practice does not make perfect

Length: 17:10 min

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Episode 87 – Resident physicians' clinical training and error rate

Length: 19:04 min

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