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Key Literature in Medical education

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KeyLIME - Key Literature in Medical Education

Bringing you the main points of a medical education article in just 20 minutes.

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Episode 83 – What is reflection?

In this episode: Jon discusses ‘Reflection’ — it’s never gone out of style although no standardized definition of it is available, does this study provide one?
Nguyen QD, Fernandez N, Karsenti T, Charlin B.
Journal: What is reflection? A conceptual analysis of major definitions and a proposal of a five-component model. Medical Education, Dec 2014, 48(12): 1176-89
Length: 16:55 min

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Episode 82 – Educational Imprinting & the Geography of Destiny Part 2

Length: 19:39 min

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Episode 81 – Is bundling better?

Length: 19:22 min

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Episode 80 – Educational Imprinting & the Geography of Destiny Part 1

Length: 22:00 min

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