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KeyLIME - Key Literature in Medical Education

Bringing you the main points of a medical education article in just 20 minutes.

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Episode 108 – Why do that master’s degree in medical education?

In this episode: Linda’s title for this paper is, Why do a masters degree in Medical Education?
Sethi A, Schofield S, Ajjawi R, McAleer S.
Journal: How do postgraduate qualifications in medical education impact on health professionals?. Medical Teacher. 2016 Feb;38 2):162-7
Length: 16:00 min

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Episode 107 – See one, do one…could it hurt one?

Length: 13:36 min

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Episode 106 – An Education Purpose for Social Media?

Length: 22:20 min

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Episode 105 – Feedback + #MedEd: A New Evidence-based Model

Length: 16:12 min

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