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Royal College accreditation promotes excellence

Among our core functions is to accredit medical education under two broad categories: the residency programs sponsored by Canada’s 17 medical schools, and the learning activities pursued by physicians who engage in continuing professional development.

Residency accreditation promotes excellence

We ensure that all residency programs in specialties that we recognize provide residents with the knowledge and expertise they need to practise specialty and subspecialty medicine at a high level.

The following resources provide ample information about the Royal College’s accreditation process for residency programs:

  • B4 - Resources (specialties/subspecialties recognized by the Royal College only)

  • B4 - Resources (specialties/subspecialties recognized by the Royal College and the Collège des médecins du Québec)

  • Clinician Investigator Program

  • Palliative Medicine

  • Application for Accreditation of New Residency Programs – Applications for new residency programs in a specialty or subspecialty recognized by the Royal College must be obtained from the Educational Standards Unit at

Areas of Focused Competence (Diploma) Accredited Programs

The following resources provide information about the Royal College accreditation process for areas of focused competence (Diploma) programs:

CPD Providers
Learn about the Royal College’s CPD accreditation process, which qualifies organizations to accredit Maintenance of Certification Program activities.

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