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Practice Eligibility Route for Subspecialists (PER-sub)

The Practice Eligibility Route for subspecialists (PER-sub) is intended for Royal College Fellows seeking subspecialty certification by examination in a subspecialty recognized by the Royal College who have not completed formal accredited postgraduate medical education in the subspecialty because no accredited training programs existed at the time they started practice.

Certification is granted with completion of:

  • Submission of application;
  • Successful completion of credentials review;
  • Success at the specialty certification examination.
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

PER-sub assesses whether your combined scope of practice, education, and other supporting documents will grant you eligibility to the certification examinations. Success on this assessment provides you with eligibility (3 attempts) to take the subspecialty certification examination. Certification is only granted after successful completion of the examination.

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