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About ICRE



The International Conference on Residency Education is a global forum for those involved in residency education to share ideas, challenges, innovations, and advance training.


Conference objectives

By the end of ICRE 2014, participants will be able to

  • Describe best practices and research in residency education useful for their work.
  • Describe new developments in competency-based education and the implications for residency education.
  • Describe three key current trends in residency education, and the implications for their own program.
  • Adopt a number of new approaches for enhancing excellence in teaching and assessment in residency.
  • Describe some different approaches to residency education from other countries and jurisdictions.
  • Explore the relationship between residency education and quality and safety and care for today’s and tomorrow’s patients
  • Describe the implications of new technologies for residency education in the 21st Century.

Conference topic areas

The ICRE 2014 conference topics include:

  • Admissions: Selecting residents;
  • Assessment: Cutting edge tools and practical techniques;
  • Competency-based medical education;
  • Education research methods;
  • Faculty Development;
  • Health policy and residency education;
  • History of medical education;
  • Physician health and wellness;
  • Teaching and learning in residency education;
  • Resident duty hours;
  • Simulation;
  • What Works? Ideas in residency teaching and assessment;
  • Using Innovative Technologies for Medical Education.


ICRE is a gathering of those involved in residency teaching, learning, and assessment from around the world, including

  • clinical teachers and educators;
  • program directors;
  • residents;
  • postgraduate deans;
  • program administrators;
  • government leaders and policy makers;
  • educational researchers; and
  • medical education leaders.


Click here for details about the ICRE 2014 Conference Planning Group.


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