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Dr. Goldman

Is a tired doctor a safe doctor? A panel with Dr. Brian Goldman

When: Friday, October 24, 19:00-21:00
Where: Ballroom of the InterContinental Centre, Toronto.

Fee: $40 (tickets non-refundable)

Join us for this four-member panel session entitled, “Is a Tired Doctor a Safe Doctor?” Hosted by Dr. Brian Goldman, of CBC’s popular radio show “White Coat, Black Art,” and a panel of diverse medical experts will discuss the highly debated topic of: Is a tired doctor a safe doctor?

This provocative discussion will feature experts: Dr. Najma Ahmed, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Ont; Dr. Kaif Pardhan, Emergency Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont; Dr. Christopher Parshuram, The Hospital for Sick Children, Critical Care Medicine, Toronto, Ont; and Mr. Ronald A. Pink, QC, Pink Larkin, Halifax, NS, an attorney involved in the Resident Duty Hours ruling in Halifax; who will engage in a lively pro-con debate on the impact of resident duty hours on clinical outcomes.

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