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Become a Resident Affiliate

Benefits for resident affiliates

Resident affiliation is valuable, informative and free. We believe that residents play a critical leadership role in postgraduate medical education. Therefore, we encourage residents to not only join the Royal College free-of-charge, but to play an active role in the organization during their residency and throughout their specialist careers. Resident enrolment in the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program is strongly encouraged but not required.

Resident Affiliates get to carry forward MOC Credits earned during residency

As a Resident Affiliate, you will be able to accumulate credits during residency that can be applied to your continuing professional development (CPD) requirements following certification.

As of July 1, 2013, Resident Affiliates who document learning activities in MAINPORT during their residency program can transfer up to 75 credits (25 in each of the MAINPORT categories of Group Learning, Self-Learning and Assessment) into their first five-year Maintenance of Certification (MOC) cycle following certification.

To take advantage of this, residents must register as a Resident Affiliate, track their CPD activities in MAINPORT, then join the Royal College as a Fellow following certification. Credits may be earned for any learning activity included within the MOC Program’s framework including learning activities you completed as part of a residency program (for example, conferences, rounds, etc.).

By becoming a Royal College Resident Affiliate and documenting your CPD activities in MAINPORT, you’ll get a head start on accumulating the MOC credits that will become crucial once you enter professional practice. Most provincial Medical Regulatory Authorities in Canada now require their registrants to participate in a recognized continuing professional development program, such as the Royal College’s MOC Program, as a condition of licensure.

Have questions? Contact or the Royal College Services Centre for assistance.

Click here to review FAQs on how to accumulate MOC credits as a resident.

Affiliation is free. Let us support your development

In addition to the benefit of being able to carry forward 75 MOC credits into the first MOC Cycle following certification and enrolment in Royal College Fellowship, Resident Affiliate status also allows you to:

  • Receive timely information: Stay up-to-date concerning eligibility, fees and deadlines for assessment of credentials and training;

  • Access resident-only awards and grants: The Royal College recognizes resident leadership and research across Canada;

  • Contribute to the strategic direction of the profession: Residents provide vital input through Council, committees or e-surveys;

  • Receive discounted rates: Save money on CanMEDS publications and learning tools;

  • Stay up-to-date with specialty medicine: Free access to the Royal College’s secure web portal, Dialogue e-newsletter, CEO’s Messages and more;

  • Affiliate with more than 42,000 like-minded medical specialists;

Click here to read our FAQs on what affiliation with the Royal College means for you.

We will be your partner throughout your specialist career

Affiliation during your residency years provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with who we are and how we can help you during your future challenges and opportunities as a certified specialist physician or surgeon. We want to know more about you and what issues matter to you most as you progress through important milestones of examination, certification and ultimately, we hope, Fellowship in the Royal College.

To register, fill out and submit the Resident Affiliate Request Form online or download a PDF version and return by fax or mail.

Surgery residents: Did you know?

The Royal College and the American College of Surgeons (ACS) share a close, collaborative relationship. Canadian surgical residents are also eligible for ACS resident membership and all the benefits it has to offer. Visit for more information.