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CanMEDS: better standards, better physicians, better care


CanMEDS Diagram

In 2011, the Royal College developed a diagram that illustrates the seven CanMEDS Roles and their interconnections. Officially trademarked, the CanMEDS diagram and associated materials can be reproduced only with permission from the Royal College. To obtain permission, please complete the form and submit with a copy of your publication to for approval. Please contact the CanMEDS and Faculty Development Department if you have any questions.

CanMEDS Diagram Request Form

In the early 1990s The Royal College developed an innovative, competency-based framework that describes the core knowledge, skills and abilities of specialist physicians. Known as the CanMEDS Physician Competency Framework, it was formally adopted by the Royal College in 1996.

CanMEDS is an educational framework identifying and describing seven roles that lead to optimal health and health care outcomes: medical expert (central role), communicator, collaborator, manager, health advocate, scholar and professional.

The overarching goal of CanMEDS is to improve patient care. The model has been adapted around the world in the health profession and other professions.

CanMEDS guides our core activities

The CanMEDS Roles have been integrated into the Royal College's accreditation standards, objectives of training, final in-training evaluations, exam blueprints and Maintenance of Certification Program. The Royal College is developing new products and services to help with the teaching and assessment of the CanMEDS Framework across the continuum of medical education and practice.

We encourage you to explore these resources to learn more about CanMEDS.