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2019 Royal College Council Elections

Elections to Royal College Council are taking place. The elections will conclude on February 22, 2019, at the time of the Annual Meeting of the Members (AMM).

Region- and division-specific Council vacancies

Update: Nominating Committee nominees will be elected by acclamation

In late November, Fellows were provided with information about the 2019 Council elections. This included details on the nominees selected by the Royal College’s Nominating Committee to fill impending region- and division-specific vacancies on Council. Fellows were also invited to submit additional nominations by January 11, 2019, if desired.

No additional nominations were received.

This means that the nominees selected by the Nominating Committee will be acclaimed. The Royal College’s public accountant, KPMG, will confirm their election during the 2019 AMM.

Election of other members of Council (public members, Fellows-at-large, resident member)

Royal College Council may include up to five public members, two Fellows-at-large and one resident member. All eight of these positions are also due for election at the AMM on February 22, 2019.

Council has nominated a single individual to fill each of these positions, based on recommendations made by the Nominating Committee.

Read the biographical information about each nominee.

To participate in this branch of the Council elections, Fellows must attend the AMM (either in-person or by webinar). At the meeting, Fellows will be invited to vote for or against Council’s nominees for these positions. The election results will be confirmed at the meeting by KPMG.

Election materials

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If you have any questions regarding the 2019 Council elections process, please contact our governance staff.