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The Royal College History and Heritage Advisory Committee

Preserving and promoting specialty medical history

The Royal College actively works to preserve and promote the history of specialty medicine and medical education in Canada and abroad. The History and Heritage Advisory Committee, which provides advice and recommendations to the Fellowship Affairs Committee regarding the identification, preservation, promotion and dissemination of the Royal College’s history and heritage, is a vital part of this ongoing effort.

Led by Fellows, Resident Affiliates and other experts in the history of medicine, this committee also promotes and encourages scholarship related to the history of specialty medicine and medical education. It advises on the Royal College collection, a significant collection of works donated during the past 40 years, including more than 3,800 books and many artifacts. The collection contains health research and findings, surgical technology advances and the evolution of medical knowledge since the founding of Canada. The History and Heritage Advisory Committee plays a vital role in celebrating and preserving Canada’s vibrant history of advancements and excellence in specialty medicine.

Are you interested in volunteering with the History and Heritage Advisory Committee? Complete your Volunteer Profile, indicating your interest in History of Medicine. We appreciate all expressions of interest, though may not be able to accommodate all requests.