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Royal College Leadership Team

Andrew Padmos, BA, MD, FRCPC, FACP, FRCP
Chief Executive Officer

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

The CEO’s primary role is operational oversight. The CEO is directly accountable to Council for the day-to-day management of the Royal College.

Bonnie Seidman, HCS, CHRL, CHRE
Executive Director, People Services, and Chief People Officer

Sandra Shearman, BA, Cert MedComms
Director, Communications and Marketing

Joanne Arsenault, MPA
Corporate Secretary

Office of Specialty Education

The Office of Specialty Education plays a leadership role in ensuring the highest quality of medical education across the continuum of specialist education in Canada. It focuses on promoting and maintaining Canadian standards in specialty medicine from residency through to retirement.

Kenneth A. Harris, MD, FRCSC, FACS
Deputy CEO and Executive Director, Specialty Education

Jason R. Frank, MD, MA(Ed), FRCPC
Director, Specialty Education, Strategies and Standards

Viren N. Naik, MD, MEd, MBA, FRCPC
Director, Assessment

Craig Campbell, MD, FRCPC
Principal Senior Advisor

Farhan Bhanji, MD, MSc (Ed), FRCPC
Associate Director, Assessment Strategy

Jolanta Karpinski, MD, MMEd, FRCPC
Associate Director, Specialties Unit

André St-Pierre, MBA
Associate Director, Assessment Operations

Sarah Taber

Sarah Taber, MHA/MGSS
Associate Director, Education Strategy and Accreditation

Office of Professional Practice and Membership

The Office of Professional Practice and Membership works with stakeholders to develop the long-term strategies, resources and innovative culture necessary to be responsive and supportive to our members’ needs throughout their professional lives.

Doug Hedden

Doug Hedden, MD, FRCSC
Executive Director, Professional Practice and Membership, and Registrar

Susan Brien, MD, MEd, FRCSC
Director, Performance and Systems Innovation

Christine James, MA, CAE
Associate Director, Membership Services and Programs

Office of Research, Health Policy and Advocacy

The Office of Research, Health Policy and Advocacy works with partners to support, enable and contribute to the advancement of research and scholarship of medicine and medical education, the generation of new data and knowledge about the health workforce, and to improve health care systems for patients, populations and Fellows.

Danielle Fréchette, MPA
Executive Director, Research, Health Policy and Advocacy

Steve Slade
Director, Health Systems and Policy

Tanya Horsley, PhD, MBA
Associate Director, Research, and Principal Scientist

Office of Information Management and Technology Services

Jane Fulford, CPA, CGA
Executive Director, Information Management and Technology Services and Chief Information Officer

Office of Finance and Administrative Services

Tim Julien, MBA, CPA, CA, ICD.D
Executive Director, Corporate Services, and Chief Financial Officer

Emily Joyce, LLB, LLM
Legal Counsel

Royal College International

Royal College International continues to pursue international collaborations to promote the Royal College’s products and services.

Andrew Padmos, BA, MD, FRCPC, FACP, FRCP
President and Chief Executive Officer

Craig Ceppetelli, MBA
Director, International Affairs