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K.J.R. Wightman Award for Scholarship in Ethics


Dr. Benjamin Chin-Yee

Between Data and Dialogue: Clinical Judgment Revisited
Benjamin Chin-Yee is an internal medicine resident at the University of Toronto, where he also completed his MD and MA in the history and philosophy of science. His research spans a range of disciplines, from bioethics to the history and philosophy of medicine. He is particularly interested in the ethics of the patient-physician relationship and how to integrate evidence-based and precision medicine to provide individualized, person-centered care. His current work explores the philosophical implications of big data and genomic medicine in clinical practice.


Dr. Malika Sharma

Knowledge as power: the aims of medical education
Dr Malika Sharma is an infectious disease and HIV physician at Maple Leaf Medical Clinic and Clinical Associate at St. Michael's Hospital. She is also an HIV consultant at Regent Park Community Health Centre, serving noninsured people living with HIV. Malika has a Masters in Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Her clinical and research interests center around the HIV care, the care of marginalized communities, and advocacy.


Dr. Ryan Snelgrove - Edmonton, Alta.

The unintended effects from prioritizing health care efficiency over equity

Ryan Snelgrove obtained his MD from Memorial University, general surgery Residency at the University of Calgary and Colorectal Surgery Fellowship at the University of Toronto. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta. Ryan was previously a fellow at the Wilson Centre for Research in Medical Education and is completing a Collaborative Masters in Science and bioethics. His research interest is in patient decision making and how patients and different medical specialties comprehend diseases and construct different understandings of best practice.


Dr. Simon Oczkowski, Hamilton, Ont.

Family Presence During Resuscitation: An Ethical Analysis

Simon Oczkowski is a critical-care resident at McMaster University, and is completing his master’s in bioethics at the University of Toronto. He plans to continue training at McMaster University’s Health Research Methodology program as a clinical scholar in the division of critical care.


Dr. Chris Hahn, Calgary, Alta.

Prescribing Drugs for Cognitive Enhancement