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Strategic Request for Proposals: Mission-aligned Research in Competency-based Medical Education

Strategic Request for Proposals: Advancing Competency-based Medical Education across the Continuum

Letters of Intent

Advancing research.  Advancing Medical Education.

The Royal College is proudly committed to fostering innovation in medical education, health policy and health care through enhanced scholarship, research and support to Fellows, and is continuing to build its awards and grants programs. To support this vision, the Royal College introduced inaugural new funding opportunity that specifically focuses on advancing mission-aligned research called Strategic Request for Proposals (SRP). This year, the Royal College is again seeking meaningful insight from the Canadian research community to contribute to policy and standards that advance and inform the future of Competency-based Medical Education.

Application & Adjudication

The SRP application process will take on an innovative approach, designed to enhance the work by applicants and improve the selection committee’s understanding of the proposed work. To this end,

  • Phase 1 will expect applicants to submit a formal Letter of Intent, outlining a highlevel proposal concept for mission-aligned research in Competency-based Medical Education across the Continuum.
  • Phase 2 will see those applicants invited to submit full proposals also present their research briefly to the Committee via a web-based platform.

We want to fund the best research & scholarship

This innovative peer-review process allows the researcher to expand ideas developed within their respective proposals and allows the Committee to ask important clarifying questions of the applicant. To ensure efficiency, please note that web-conferencing presentations are scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 4, 2018 (12:00 – 16:30) and Friday, January 5, 2018 (12:00 – 16:30), and each presentation will be 30 minutes maximum. It is advisable for candidates to reserve these dates in their schedules accordingly.

2017 Priority Research Areas

While all proposals will be given consideration, please note the Royal College is specifically interested in applications that seek to contribute to and advance the following questions/areas of interest:

  • The relationship between the collective competence of teams & the competence of individuals;
  • The relationship between competence and quality & safety of care provided to patients;
  • How competency frameworks guide learning & assessment relevant to an individual’s scope of practice;
  • Are there common competencies that must be continuously sustained by all members of a specialty or subspecialty?
  • Simulation-based assessment within an era of CBME (training and/or practice);
  • Continuous performance improvement strategies for teams;
  • Collective/group decision making processes with respect to learner progress (e.g. Competence Committees);
  • Data and feedback to improve the competencies relevant to the Intrinsic CanMEDS roles;
  • Application, use, validity/reliability of workplace based assessments tools (usability, acceptability, entrustment scales vs. traditional scales, etc.)


  • Implementation of a new CBME curriculum & impacts on trainees already in a program;
  • CBME approaches and the relationship to lifelong learning and continuous improvement across the continuum;
  • How clinical teachers and/or program directors experience their work in a CBME curriculum;
  • The changes specialties are experiencing as a result of a CBME curriculum;
  • CBME’s impact on the nature, approaches and processes of providing data and feedback to individuals, groups or health teams & those providing the data and feedback.

Important Application Dates

Phase 1: Letter of Intent

Submission deadline:

  • Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 11:59 pm (applicant local time)
    Successful candidates will be notified in October 2017, with an invitation to submit a formal application for their proposed research project

Phase 2: Formal Application

Submission deadline:

  • Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 11:59pm (applicant local time)

Web-conferencing presentations:

  • Thursday, January 4, 2018 (12:00 – 16:30)
  • Friday, January 5, 2018 (12:00 – 16:30)

Announcement of grant recipients:

  • March 2018

Eligibility Requirements

  • It is not necessary to be a Fellow of the Royal College or a physician; however, a Fellow of the Royal College must contribute meaningfully to the research project.
  • Applications from multiple departments and across disciplines or faculties are encouraged and as applicable.
  • Current employees and contractors of the Royal College are not eligible to apply for the Strategic Request for Proposals.
  • Applications must meet contemporary standards of research, which include the relevance of the research question, use of an underlying theory or framework as applicable, the appropriateness of the project design, ethical review of the submission, accountability of funds requested, and the feasibility of the work as related to the project team, environment and timelines.
  • Individuals who currently hold funding from the Royal College (only as a Principal Applicant) are not eligible to receive funding in other RC funding competitions. However, he/she may still supervise a trainee or student, and can be included as a co-investigator on proposals submitted by other PIs.
  • To apply, an application must be considered closed; the Grant Selection committee must have approved final submission documents and all financial items must be resolved prior to the application deadline(s) of any of the Royal College funding competitions.
  • Applicants must disclose any additional associated funding sources if a portion of the project under adjudication is already partially funded.


Letters of Intent must be submitted by completing the official Letter of Intent form. Applications must be submitted electronically at


All supporting documents must be submitted in one (1) PDF document, which follows the sequence of the application form.

  • Letter of Intent Form (maximum 3 pages)
  • Additional pages for references are permitted (maximum 10 references)
  • No additional appendices are to be included


The Royal College Strategic Grant Committee (comprised of select Royal College leadership & other researchers) review the Letters of Intent (phase 1) to assess which candidates will be invited to submit a formal application (phase 2). Selection is based on 1) scientific merit, 2) clarity of the proposal, and 3) its relevance to the grant's objective/mission alignment. Preference will be given to work that is considered worthy of inclusion in a peer-reviewed publication. For information regarding previously funded projects, please visit the Royal College Grants website.


Multiple grants will be awarded and is dependent on total amount of funding requested by applications. Please note that only one grant per year, per principal investigator will be awarded.

Value Up to a maximum of $35,000 per project.

Decisions regarding allocation dollars will be made on an ad hoc basis and could include amounts ranging from as little as $5,000 through $35,000.

An amount equivalent to 75% of the grant will be disbursed on commencement and 25% on receipt of a final report (approved by the Committee) at project completion. The final report must be sent to Administrative Coordinator, Research Medals and Awards, Royal College (Ms. Azura Fennell,

Projects approved for funding beyond one year will receive subsequent years' funding following receipt of a satisfactory progress report on completion of one year's study.


Applicable to projects of a maximum 2 years' duration.

Submission deadline
The call for submission has now closed.
11:59 p.m. (applicant’s local time) September 13, 2017. Late applications will not be considered.

Contact us
Administrative Coordinator, Research Medals and Awards
Telephone: 613-730-8177, ext. 430; toll-free 1-800-668-3740, ext. 430