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Call for Bioethics Cases

The Royal College Ethics Committee (EthC) invites cases to enhance the breadth of its existing bioethics curriculum. Cases should reflect new and emerging ethical issues and challenges facing residents and Fellows practising in Canada.

Letters of intent for new cases must be submitted electronically to

Information for Submitters

Suggested topic areas

Submissions are encouraged, but are not limited to, the following hot topics
identified by the Royal College’s Ethics Committee:

  • the growth of transplantation/medical tourism, more particularly a physician’s obligations to provide care when patients return from abroad after receiving elective procedures in another country;
  • Complementary Medicine/alternative medicine;
  • issues surrounding the aging physician/surgeon population, including delayed retirement and concerns over employment opportunities for new Fellows;
  • cosmetic genital surgery;
  • recruitment of patients from third world countries to participate in research studies which are not applicable within a third world context;
  • direct-to-consumer (patient) marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical services;
  • protecting the aging population from unnecessary tests, investigations, procedures;
  • end of life issues/euthanasia, including current cases before the courts (e.g. Carter v. Canada, and Rasouli v. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre);
  • professionalism versus so called “ethical lapses”;
  • ethical issues related to reproduction, including abortion/feticide;
  • health numeracy and its role in fostering understanding of research findings and decision-making with patients;
  • funding of medical education by commercial interests;
  • trauma experienced by physicians training in remote communities (e.g. Aboriginal communities), third world countries (as part of international electives or otherwise), and economically-disadvantaged regions.
  • placebo controlled trials

Guidelines for writing a letter of intent for a new bioethics case

A letter of intent to create a new case should include the following

  1. Proposed case title;
  2. Abstract (the key components of the case) – up to 500 words;
  3. Key questions the case will aim to address (max. five questions which will frame the case development)

At any time, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the online bioethics curriculum to gain a sense of how the final complete version of your case should be framed and formatted.

Submit a letter of intent

Letters of intent should be submitted electronically by email to

Review process

Letters of intent submitted for consideration will be reviewed by the members of the Royal College Ethics Committee twice a year (Spring and Fall), with acceptance or rejection notices being sent shortly after their review.

Final and complete versions of the cases will then be expected within a six month period following acceptance.