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How to conduct a work based CBD assessment

Emphasize observation, feedback and documentation

In Competence by Design (CBD), clinical teachers make use of authentic clinical oversight activities to engage in the work based assessment of residents. Work based assessment is feasible in a busy clinical program, because of the fact that you are already giving your residents verbal feedback. Now you just need to take a moment to document that feedback.

Watch your traineesThe role of faculty in CBD is evolving from one of supervision, to one that includes more direct observation of the work residents do on a daily basis.

The goal of work based assessment is to observe residents completing their daily work and to provide feedback to facilitate their development. Some observations will be done through direct observation, where others can be done indirectly by review of a work product or a case review, for example.

Provide verbal feedback and coach: Just like a coach with an athlete, each observation should be followed by timely, specific, constructive verbal feedback designed to help learners improve.

Document: After talking with the resident, you will document your observations.

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