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Competence by Design: Support for faculty development

The Royal College is committed to supporting each specialty, subspecialty and institution as they prepare for and implement Competence by Design (CBD). We are working one on one with discipline specialty committees to guide them through the preparation and implementation stages.

“We need assessment tools. We need support. We need faculty development. And I think we also need some patience. This is going to take a little bit of time.”

—J. Mark Walton, MD, FRCSC; assistant dean, Postgraduate Medical Education, McMaster University

We have developed a number of tools and resources to help:

  • The Meantime Guide is intended to help programs in specialties and subspecialties that have not yet begun working to adopt CBD (as part of a cohort), but who wish to implement competency-based approaches to medical education now.
  • The CBD Roadmap (PDF) provides an overview of the steps towards full scale CBD adoption. This high level guide lays out how you can get ready for your discipline’s shift to CBD, and lists the supports and resources we’ll provide at every step along the way.
    • Accessible text version available upon request.

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