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Royal College Accredited CPD Provider Innovation Award

Established in 2011, the Royal College-Accredited CPD Provider Innovation Award is given annually to up to three accredited CPD providers who promote innovation in the development and implementation of the following:

  • educational policies or processes
  • administrative policies or processes
  • education resources or tools

*Applications must address all three categories.

Applicants must:

  • describe how life-long-learning strategies of Fellows and health care professionals participating in the MOC Program have been enhanced by their innovation; or
  • how the innovation contributes to the development of the Royal College’s CPD Accreditation System; or
  • describe how or define how building educational capacity has improved healthcare systems and patient safety.

Terms of reference

Submit your innovation!

Applications for the 2019 award must be received by 23:59 (ET) on February 15, 2019. Late submissions will not be considered.

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