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Approved-jurisdiction route

The approved-jurisdiction route is for international medical graduates who have completed specialty training outside Canada or the United States in an approved jurisdiction. There are 29 international jurisdictions that the Royal College has assessed and deemed to have met Royal College standards.

Training in one of the approved jurisdictions does not automatically confer eligibility to the certification exams. Training must be assessed by the Royal College to confirm that it is substantially equivalent to Canadian training and has been satisfactorily completed. Also, not all specialties are approved in each jurisdiction.

For graduates of these jurisdictions, the Royal College will assess their training to determine whether they have successfully met the Royal College training requirements. If the training is deemed comparable and acceptable, the international medical graduates are ruled eligible to take the Royal College certification exam. Success at the certification exam leads to Royal College certification.

Apply for an assessment of your Jurisdiction Approved Training (Fillable form* | Printable form).

*(The following application form has been created as an Adobe PDF fillable form file. To view, complete, save and print this fillable form, you will need to open the form in Internet Explorer and have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. The software can be obtained free for Mac and PC users from the following site: