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Frequently asked questions

My international postgraduate medical education system is not listed. Will the Royal College assess it?

The Royal College no longer evaluates international postgraduate medical education systems for candidates seeking Royal College certification. Training completed in one of the international education systems not listed will not be assessed by the Royal College for consideration of credit toward exam eligibility.

I have a fellowship/membership in one of the international postgraduate medical education systems listed on the website. Does this make me eligible for Royal College exams?

The Royal College has no reciprocal arrangements for recognizing exams or qualifications of any other college or board in any specialty or subspecialty. Applicants with certification from any other specialty or subspecialty exams, college or board are not exempt from any of the requirements of the Royal College.

Do I have to pass one of the screening exams to have my qualifications recognized by the Royal College?

Applicants with qualifications from medical schools other than those accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools or the Liaison Committee on Medical Education must have passed one of these exams:

  • Medical Council of Canada Qualifying exams, part I for Royal College examination eligibility and part II for Royal College Certification
  • United States medical licensing exams, parts 1, 2 and 3