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MOC PER learning and activities template

Section A: Describing your professional practice profile

  • Section A is an opportunity to assess your professional practice by providing a profile of your current professional roles.

Section B: Identifying available learning opportunities

A MOC PER learning and activities plan should integrate different types of learning processes.

  • Your plan should have you engage in both group-learning and self-learning activities (you will need to submit proof of participation for all group-learning activities for validation).
  • It should encompass at least one CanMEDS role outside of Medical Expert in learning activities.
  • Your plan should have you engage in an accredited self-assessment.

Section B.1 — Learning as a member of a group

  • Group learning is effective in fostering awareness of new evidence or ideas, enhancing knowledge and, to a lesser degree, improving clinical behaviours and performance.

Section B.2 — Learning as an individual

  • Self-learning activities can be planned to address a question, concern or need stimulated by your practice.
  • Self-learning activities can help you gain new knowledge and insights to manage an issue or problem.
  • The issue(s) to be pursued, the resources that will be used and the evaluation of the outcomes are all in your direct control.

Section B.3 — Traineeships

  • Traineeships are an example of a planned learning activity where the goals or objectives are developed in collaboration with a supervisor or mentor.
  • Traineeships are particularly effective in transferring knowledge or skills from one physician to another.

Section B.4 — Assessing your practice

  • Assessing your knowledge, skills or performance is an important strategy to identify needs that cannot be discerned through personal reflection or self-evaluation.
  • Assessment within the MOC Program is viewed as an educational strategy, not a test you are required to pass. Assessing your performance in any aspect of professional life enables you to identify areas for further learning.
  • Assessment of your performance in practice is relevant not only to your clinical roles but to other dimensions (administration, education, or research) of your professional practice.

Completing an accredited self-assessment program:

  • A complete list of accredited self-assessment programs is available on the Royal College website.
  • Please determine from this list of self-assessment activities which ones are relevant to your practice, if any. If no activities are available for your specialty, please view the approved general topic activities that are listed under the heading Royal College or CMPA.

Completing a simulation activity or program:

  • Simulation activities can be part of an accredited group learning activity or available through an accredited simulation program. Simulation activities may not be available for your specialty.
  • Available simulation activities can be found on the Royal College website.

Completing an assessment of performance:

  • Based on your professional practice assessment, determine which area or skill you would like to improve.
  • A performance assessment provides you with data about your performance in relation to an established practice standard, guideline or set of metrics.

B.5 — Determining which CanMEDS Competencies you wish to pursue

  • The CanMEDS competencies are determined by you, the participant, and are based on what you took from the activity.
  • It is important to note that the relevance of an activity to the following CanMEDS competencies are determined by the participant and are based on what you took from the activity.
  • Please note: Besides Medical Expert, at least one other CanMEDS role must also be included in your learning and activities plan.

Section C — Establishing your MOC PER learning and activities

  • Identify what areas of your practice you plan to focus on and which of the learning strategies listed in Section B you plan to use.
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