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Practice Eligibility Route to certification for specialists (PER)

The Practice Eligibility Route (PER) is a route to certification for internationally trained physicians who are already licensed and practising as specialists in Canada.

Certification is granted after all of the following are completed:

Credentials review

The credentials review is an assessment of your postgraduate medical education (PGME) and your current practice. It consists of the following components.

1. PGME and practice documentation: We require proof that you have completed the specialty training requirements and are recognized as a specialist in the jurisdiction where you trained; and that you have practised as an independent specialist in the specialty for the past five years.

2. Certificate of Professional Standing: A current Certificate of Professional Standing is required to prove that you are a member in good standing with your medical regulatory authority.

3. Scope of practice review: Your declared scope of practice (Form D) is reviewed by members of your discipline’s specialty committee. The review is to ensure that your current practice profile has the necessary breadth to be assessed for certification in the specialty.

Note: If your current practice profile doesn’t meet that of a Royal College specialist, you will not be able to continue with the PER route. However, you can submit additional information on your practice for a second review, if appropriate.

4. Multisource feedback (MSF) survey: Feedback on your professional competencies relating to the CanMEDS roles is gathered and then benchmarked against scores from similar practices. This process allows you to reflect on your performance across the range of CanMEDS roles and to identify your areas of strength and areas for growth.

5. Feedback from chief of staff (or other relevant supervisor): Your supervisor verifies your declared scope of practice and answers a confidential questionnaire about the quality of your practice.

Examination and practice-based assessment

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