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Assessment routes for international medical graduates

International medical graduates are people who have completed their postgraduate residency training outside Canada or the United States. Applicants do not have to live in Canada or hold Canadian citizenship to be eligible for Royal College exams.

Approved-jurisdiction route is for international medical graduates who have completed specialty training outside Canada or the United States in an approved jurisdiction.

The Practice Eligibility Route for specialists applies to internationally trained physicians practising as specialists in Canada without Royal College certification.

The Practice Eligibility Route for subspecialists is for Royal College Fellows who

  • are practising in a newly approved subspecialty;
  • are practising in a subspecialty that is converting from accreditation-without-certification status to certification-by-examination status; or
  • have not completed formal accredited postgraduate medical education in the subspecialty because no accredited training programs existed in Canada at the time of their training.

Practice-ready assessments are for international medical graduates in Canada with certification from an international jurisdiction, who apply through their provincial licensing body for a practice assessment.