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Eligibility for subspecialists

Practice Eligibility Route for subspecialists

The Practice Eligibility Route for Subspecialists (PER-sub) is for physicians who are practicing in a subspecialty but who are not eligible for the traditional credentials review, as a result of completing training in a non-Canadian or non-traditional route. PER-sub assesses whether your scope of practice, education and other supporting documents will grant you eligibility to the certification exams to be assessed against the national standard.

This access is applicable only to those who already have Royal College certification in the primary entry specialty(s)

Candidates pursuing this route to the subspecialty examination must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Certification in a primary specialty that is the entry route to the subspecialty
  • Proof of a valid, unrestricted license to practice in Canada
  • A scope of practice that meets the criteria set out by and acceptable to the discipline’s specialty committee
  • Attestation by 2 referees of the physician’s scope and quality of his/her practice
  • Registration in the Royal College Maintenance of Certification Program (MOC)

Physicians in subspecialty practice will belong to one of two cohorts:

Cohort 1:

  • In practice for a minimum of 5 years in Canada in the subspecialty
  • The last two years of practice must have been in a consistent practice location in Canada

Cohort 2 (for newly recognized or transitioning subspecialties):

  • In practice for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years in Canada in the subspecialty (a minimum of one year must be in one consistent practice location)
  • Proof of completion of training (unaccredited) that is equivalent in length to the requirements set out in the subspecialty’s training requirements (STR)*
  • *Check your subspecialty application form for additional criteria.

The Credentials Unit works in conjunction with individual specialty committees during the assessment and decision-making process. The credentials review refers to the following documentation to determine eligibility to the examinations:

  • CV
  • scope of practice
  • completion of a questionnaire by your references for verification on your scope and quality of practice documentation of training/experience in the subspecialty
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