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Accessing exam results

Exam results are posted on the Royal College website as soon as possible after the exam, but only after the required verification of data has been fully completed. Generally, results will be available within 10 business days of the completion of all the exam components by all the candidates. However, for written-only exams written in the Fall, the results will be posted towards the end of November.

Please review the date that results will be posted for your discipline — Spring 2019 dates | Fall 2019 dates

Your results are posted on a secure, confidential server and can only be accessed using your unique identifier. If you DO NOT want your results posted on the website, you must inform the Credentials Unit (as soon as possible, and up to the day before your examination) by email at

You can access your results quickly via the Accessing Exam Results section on the Royal College website. Follow the log-in instructions on that page.  

Please note: Candidates must not contact the chair or members of the examination board for comments or to discuss their performance at the examinations. Examiners must not convey to a candidate the result of exams, nor is it permitted for examiners to discuss the result or performance of a candidate with anyone other than examination board members.

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