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Certification date

The date of certification is the date when all conditions listed below are satisfied:

  • the candidate has met the Royal College credentials standards (including an acceptable medical qualification)
  • the candidate has satisfactorily completed a defined period of specialty residency training in a program recognized by the Royal College
  • the Royal College has received from the university a document confirming the satisfactory completion of training
  • the candidate passes the specialty exams

Note: In addition to the conditions above, candidates in Cardiology, Geriatric Medicine and Pediatrics must successfully pass the Standardized Assessment of a Clinical Encounter Report (STACER) in their specialties.

Candidates will receive a letter confirming their date of certification only when all the above conditions have been met. This means that the date of the exam will not necessarily be the date of certification for all successful candidates.

In some instances candidates undergo the exam before completing their postgraduate training. In such instances, the certification date will be the last date of training. The official result letter will be sent to candidates few days prior this date. Licensing authorities will be notified of the new status.

The expected date of completion of each resident’s training is indicated by the program director and the postgraduate dean on the Confirmation of Completion of Training document and on the Final In-Training Evaluation Report (FITER).

If a resident will not satisfy the training requirements by this expected date, program directors and the candidate himself/herself must immediately inform the Office of Specialty Education — Credentials Unit at the Royal College, even if the candidate has successfully completed the exams.