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Data verification and quality assurance of exam results

A thorough process of data verification and quality assurance of exam results is conducted during and after the exams. A dedicated data verification and quality assurance team carries out the following:

  • verification of multiple choice question (MCQ) answer sheets and data transfer
  • verification of short-answer question (SAQ) scores and data
  • verification of oral, OSCE and practical scores and data

As part of the quality assurance process for all exams a complete psychometric and performance analysis is conducted. During this process, questions that were overly difficult, non-discriminating, or for which new evidence emerged between the time of question writing and exam administration are reviewed. As a result of this review process, some questions may be deleted from the final exam score for all candidates.

Release of exam results

An estimated 10 business days are required to confirm results for each discipline. The dates by discipline for the examination results are posted on the Royal College website. We appreciate that candidates are eager to receive their exam results. However, we must allow sufficient time for validation. All efforts will be made to ensure that candidates receive their results before the end of the academic year, so that they can proceed with their applications for independent licensure.