The Royal College Guide for Exam Scheduling Requests

All eligible candidates who have submitted an exam registration form will be scheduled for their examination by Royal College staff. The schedule for each exam component is developed according to factors such as the size of the cohort and the facility’s capacity. No candidates have the privilege of selecting a specific date and/or time to sit their exam, but the Royal College will accept requests to have a certain time/date that fall within the range of exam dates. These requests will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis by the Royal College to determine if it is possible to grant the request. The Royal College does not guarantee that exam-scheduling requests will be granted. The requested time/date should be sent by email alongside the exam registration form.
Documentation should be included to indicate that one of the following conditions has been met:

  1. Illness of the candidate,
  2. Observance of religious holidays;
  3. Victim of a violent crime or similar traumatic experience;
  4. Conflicts with other Royal College exams;
  5. Upcoming medical procedure, if all means to have said procedure changed to within a reasonable amount of time have been exhausted;
  6. Delivery of the candidate’s child (applies to either parent);
  7. Unavoidable conflicts with court hearings, if all means to have the hearing changed have been exhausted;
  8. Military deployment;
  9. Serious illness or death of an immediate family member;
  10. Extraordinary circumstances as deemed appropriate by TMCE.

All requests for exam dates must be submitted at the time of registration for the exams. For Spring exams, requests must be received by the Royal College by January 13; for Fall exams, requests must be received by the Royal College by May 15. All requests must be accompanied by appropriate documentation.

The following are not considered as acceptable conditions to request an exam date:

  1. Employment;
  2. Travel, vacations or social commitments (ex. Wedding);
  3. Child care;
  4. Airline, flight and transportation schedules.

Candidates who require a specific exam accommodation during their exam can refer to Section 6 of the Policies and Procedures for Certification and Fellowship. Additionally, information can be found on our website (/rcsite/credentials-exams/writing-exams/registration/candidates-requiring-exam-accommodation-e).