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ICRE 2018 Evaluations


The Royal College’s Maintenance of Certification program requires that all accredited activities be evaluated. Your input helps us know what we’re doing well and where there is room for improvement

Session evaluations are in electronic format. Participants can fill out evaluations through the Conference App; by using one of the computers located near the Registration Desk; or by visiting

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Session evaluations are available in the language of presentation.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Thursday, October 18, 2018


Friday, October 19, 2018

10:30 - 12:00

Poster session: What Works? Innovations in residency teaching and assessment

Poster session: Assessment: Cutting edge tools and practical techniques

Symposium: Falling Through the Cracks: A patient centered film for teaching teamwork skills

Simulation for learning and assessment in CBME: Using it wisely

Changing culture to facilitate Competency-based Medical Education program implementation

Setting learners up for success: The delicate balance of support and "desirable difficulty"

KeyLIME: Best teaching and learning literature

Giving formative feedback in a CBME framework

Successful coaching of residents: An active approach with the (T)GROW method

Everything I ever needed to know about being a Program Director I learned at ICRE. #4: Proposed strategies to engage your faculty

Designing an integrated faculty & resident engagement strategy for CBME implementation

Seeing beyond residency training: Medical workforce change at the specialty and subspecialty level

Upward feedback: A corner stone for a good clinical learning environment

Symposium: Decolonizing the academy: Lessons for everyone in cultural safety for Indigenous trainees

Enough about burnout, let's talk wellness: Strategies to fire up faculty and residents

Imaginary boundaries: Bringing the subconscious to the conscious

Medico-legal essentials for academic faculty: Creating a culture of accountability

Teaching patient safety and quality improvement: Tips and tricks from an internal medicine and general internal medicine residency training program

Non-technical skills and patient safety in the operating room

Paper session: Research in residency education

Paper session: Faculty development

Paper session: Competency-based education

Paper session: Implementing quality of care, patient safety, and resource stewardship improvement projects

12:00 - 13:30

13:30 - 15:00

Poster session: Research in residency education

Poster session: Competency-based education

Symposium: Engaging residents in system change: Improving quality of care within the learning environment

Fundamental teaching activities for Competency-based Medical Education: A strategy for faculty development

Edu Café: Making the most out of networking, mentoring and collaborating at ICRE

Power dynamics in the learning and work environment: 'Watt' can we do?

KeyLIME: Best simulation literature

Teasing out signal from noise in assessment data - A primer

Becoming a master conductor: Developing facilitation skills to help learners hit the right notes

Early Career Medical Educator (ECME) - Part 1 - Getting involved with scholarship via collaboration

How to run a competency committee

Program evaluation on the frontline of CBME: How to use rapid cycle evaluation to developmentally evaluate CBME implementation at the program level

Short film genre: An innovative, arts-based clinical teaching method in residency education

Back to the basics: Re-creating training environments to focus on learning

When good ideas fail: Start seeing fair process (or lack thereof) in everyday decision-making

The change management game: Only you can do the cooking!

Integrating assessment of non-cognitive attributes in resident selection processes

Physicians, heal each other: Building resident leadership within a wellness program

How can we incorporate innovative tools that use performance data to enhance resident and provider continuous education?

Integrating resident feedback into the accreditation process

Paper session: Teaching and learning in residency education

Paper session: Admissions: Selecting residents

Paper session: Competency-based education

Royal College/JGME Top resident research paper session


Saturday, October 20, 2018

11:00 - 12:30

Poster session: Research in residency education

Symposium: Advancing data-driven education using learning analytics

Simulation based assessment - Ready for primetime?

Competency-based handovers to graduate medical education: A framework to bridge the transition

Program director survival stories

KeyLIME: Discovering CBME Literature

Smoothing the transition for your faculty - Integrating WBA into your program

Giving feedback of a sensitive nature: How to say what everyone else is thinking

Learning from others: 10 tips to create a personal learning network

The 'drive' to end burnout and create meaningful work and learning environments

Managing the operative expertise flow: Novel techniques for improving teaching and learning skills of surgical trainees and supervisors during real time surgical procedures

Does CBME translate across systems? Learning from the Taiwanese experience

Break the silence: Personal leadership as a weapon to speak up

Data informed learning: Helping trainees with their assessment data

Leading change in medical education: A practical application of theories

Residents in the lead: How to design and develop an individual training program

Beyond duty hour regulation: The coming of fatigue risk management to residency education

Applying high-value cost conscious care in postgraduate education: A Dutch perspective

Coaching and the psychology of learning in the operating room

Paper session: Learning environments: Exploring new avenues

Paper session: Physician health and wellness

Paper session: Assessment: Cutting edge tools and practical techniques

Paper session: What Works? Innovations in residency teaching and assessment

13:45 - 15:15

15:30 - 16:00


Sunday, October 21, 2018