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International Competency-Based Medical Education Collaborators

The International Competency-Based Medical Education (ICBME) Collaborators are leading international experts who examine conceptual issues and current debates in competency-based medical education (CBME). With secretariat support from the Royal College, the ICBME Collaborators are engaged in ongoing discussions and debate of CBME issues and are key promoters of scholarship. In this vein, the collaborative is intended to advance CBME around the world.

Who are the ICBME Collaborators?

Scholarly publications

In June 2017, the ICBME Collaborators published a second special series of papers aimed at advancing CBME around the world in the leading medical education journal Medical Teacher*. Based on the 2013 and 2016 world summits hosted by the ICBME Collaborators, this series includes nine papers and one editorial. Following their first collection of papers published in Medical Teacher in 2010, the articles in the 2017 series:

  • outline the rationale and shared language behind the transformational CBME movement across the learning continuum
  • explore various challenges and approaches associated with the implementation of CBME
  • address concepts and principles for the assessment of CBME
  • identify a wide range of emerging research questions for further examination

The ICBME Collaborators also published several independent articles, including:

In August 2010, Medical Teacher published a special issue devoted to CBME. The special issue was based on a 2009 international Cambridge-style summit held at the Royal College on CBME. The work of the ICBME Collaborators, Royal College staff and Fellows was featured prominently in the papers, which included a series of new definitions and examined the implications of CMBE across the spectrum of medical education.

Since then, several of these articles have become the most downloaded and top cited from Medical Teacher.

* Medical Teacher is the journal of the Association of Medical Education of Europe (AMEE), an international association for those involved with medical and healthcare professions education. The journal specifically addresses the needs of teachers and administrators throughout the world involved in training for the health professions.

CBME webinar series

Through a series of free webinars, the ICBME Collaborators explore various models and approaches to CBME. Designed to engage the international community these dynamic one-hour webinar sessions are focused on advancing CBME around the world.

Sign up today to participate in the ICBME Webinar Series.

International summits

Three international summits on competency-based medical education (CBME) have brought the ICBME Collaborators together in recent years:

  • Plans are underway to organize a fourth summit in conjunction with AMEE 2018 – stay tuned
  • In August 2016, a two-day world summit on competency-based education held in conjunction with the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) conference in Barcelona. The summit was attended by over 200 participants from around the world. The conference program and abstract book can be viewed here.
  • The second summit, in 2013, was a two-day invitational summit held in Calgary. Following the summit, participants agreed to collaborate on a second series of articles aimed at advancing CBME around the world. The second series of papers was published in Medical Teacher in June2017 .
  • An international Cambridge-style summit on CBME was held in Ottawa in 2009. The next year, the international journal Medical Teacher dedicated its entire August edition to the work of the ICBME Collaborators, publishing a special themed issue on the scholarly work launched at the 2009 summit.