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Exhibits and Sponsorship

Participants engage with virtual reality exhibit

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Sponsorship at ICRE 2018

Sponsorship at the 2018 International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE) offers you a valuable opportunity to directly interact with medical education leaders, physicians, residents, medical students and representatives from national and international health organizations.


Interested parties are invited to view our sponsorship prospectus and complete an application form.

For sponsorship information or to submit an application, please contact Terry Young at Taylor & Associates.

For all other inquiries related to ICRE 2018, please contact Angelita Aboukassam.

The Body Electric

the Body Electric

The Body Electric launched at ICRE 2014. Each year, an inspiring selection of visual art, in a range of media— photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and film— explores the conference theme from new critical and artistic angles.

The 2017 digital exhibition, curated by Dr. Allison Crawford, Dr. Lisa Richardson, and Bryn Ludlow, with video production by Erin MacIndoe Sproule, explored change and social action within medicine and healthcare.

View the exhibit on The Body Electric YouTube channel.

Click here to read about the exhibit on our digital catalogue.

Click here to read about previous exhibits, press, curatorial team and jury member biographies, and connect with the artists on our website.

*Please note, the presentation, digital catalogue, and biographies are only available in English.

For more information full The Body Election on Twitter @TBE_ICRE.

The Body Electric is developed and supported in partnership with the Royal College and Associated Medical Services.

A special thanks to the dedicated jury members who have formed a community of action, bringing The Body Electric to life.