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Plenary SessionsPlenary session

Conference opening plenary session featuring the Royal College Lecture in Residency Education: The Buffalo Experiment: Alive and well in medical education

Speakers: R. Reznick



Plenary panel: Leading change in medical education

Speakers: A. Ahmed Arab, S. Fleming, L. Flynn, R. Rogers



Conference plenary debate: Be it resolved that “Leadership training is required for every resident"

Speakers: I. Incoll, J.Nordquist
Slides: Download



Royal College/JGME top research in residency education

Speakers: K. LaDonna, G. Tremblay, K. Yamazaki



Conference closing plenary session featuring the Royal College Lecture in Residency Education: Leadership: A force for change

Speakers: J. Andrews, P. Dussault



Accreditation in residency educationAccreditation in residency education

Symposium: Residency accreditation reform town hall: New directions for the 21st century

Speakers: R. Almond, I. Tardif, S. Taber, T. Philips, D. Laliberté, A. Warren


A different perspective on accreditation

Speakers: N. Akdemir, T. Walters, F. Scheele, S. Taber
Slides: Download

Assessment: Cutting edge tools and practical techniquesAssessment: Cutting edge tools and practical techniques

KeyLIME: Best assessment literature

Speakers: J. Sherbino, E. Holmboe


Entrustable Professional Activities at the frontline: Approaches to workplace-based assessment using EPAs

Speakers: R. Shah, R. Cavalcanti, L. Melvin, J. Goguen
Slides: Download

Leveraging faculty committees to improve the assessment of competence and promotional decisions of residents

Speakers: K. Andolsek, J. Padmore
Slides: Download

Competency-based educationCompetency-based medical education

Preparing for CBD in the Meantime: An action oriented approach to ease the transition

Speakers: A. Oswald, C. Abbott


Symposium: Absolutely innovative: Programs that have radically redesigned training

Speakers: M. Nousiainen, R. Anderson, E. Warm, F. Scheele, S. Schipper


Unpacking the “how” of implementing competency-based assessment

Speakers: S. Ross, M. Chiodo


How do we measure trust?: Entrustment decision-making in postgraduate medical education

Speakers: M. Gomes, S. Johnston
Slides: Download

Lightning round: Competency-based Medical Education: Making it work for you

Speakers: J. Chisholm, R. Doucet
Slides: Download

Mind makeover: Cultivating a growth mindset in trainees to enhance competency based outcomes

Speakers: T. Turner, M. Carbajal
Slides: Download

Symposium: Competence By Design: Lessons on implementing in your program

Speakers: R. Anderson, J. Hall, W. Gofton, R. St. Croix, A. Boucher, J. Chisholm, R. Doucet
R. St. Croix
A. Boucher
J. Hall
R. Anderson
W. Gofton
J. Chisholm and R. Doucet

Symposium: Group rater cognition: Implications for Clinical Competency Committees

Speakers: W. Cheung, K. Hauer, E. Holomboe, A. Oswald, S. Schipper, J. Sherbino, L. Thurgur
Slides: Download

Educating for quality of care, patient safety, and resourceEducating for quality of care, patient safety, and resource

Symposium: Moving towards socially accountable resident programs: A thorn in the flesh from accreditation?

Speakers: J. Rourke, A. Boucher, J. Poitras, P. Grand’Maison, S. Razack, C. Boelen
Slides: Download

Engaging residents: Inspiring the next generation of leadersEngaging residents: Inspiring the next generation of leaders

Designing effective presentations

Speaker: R. Connelly
Slides: Download

Role and responsibilities of the learner and the supervisor: New guide issued by the Collège des médecins du Québec

Speakers: L. Samson, S. Bélanger, A. MacLellan
Slides: Download

Successfully leveraging social networking for advancing careers in academic medicine

Speakers: L. Hurtubise, C. Hurtubise
Slides: Download

Faculty developmentFaculty development

Everything I ever needed to know about being a program director I learned at ICRE #3: Effective mediation

Speakers: H. Writer, A. Atkinson, T. Baron, M. Ladhani, S. Manos


Playing improvisational jazz: A critical capability for educational leaders

Speaker: M. Wilson


Group peer review boot camp: A train-the-trainer workshop for your institution

Speakers: I. Philibert, B. Wong, G. Sullivan
Slides: Download

Training the trainers: Teaching your faculty how to use workplace based assessment

Speakers: N. Dudek, W. Gofton
Slides: Download

Understanding, diagnosing, and teaching residents with clinical difficulties

Speakers: J. Fredette, R. Bounds, J. McGhee, A. Ruest
Slides: Download

Health policy and residency educationHealth policy and residency education

Tracking change in medical residencies and the physician workforce: What we know and what we need to know

Speakers: S. Slade, S. DiMillo, A. Shrichand, C. Jacob
Slides: Download

Humanities and history in medical educationHumanities and history in medical education

History of medicine can contribute to physician competency

Speakers: D. Gilchrist, G. Rakovich
Slides: Download

Workshop for new program directorsImplementing quality of care, patient safety & resource stewardship improvement projects

Symposium: Building the bridge to quality: Moving to action

Speakers: B. Wong, E. Holmboe


Leadership educationLeadership education

Change Masterclass: From Theory to Practice

Speakers: R. St. Croix, G. Bandiera
Slides: Download

Developing emotional intelligence in your trainees

Speakers: G. Singhal, A. Acosta, L. Zuniga
Slides: Download

LEAD 2.0: A model for interprofessional leadership curriculum development

Speakers: J. Hartzell, B. Sadowski
Slides: Download

Leadership and management education for effective teams and relationships

Speakers: D. Meschino, A. Thakur
Slides: Download

Physician health and wellnessPhysician health and wellness

How to keep the fire burning wihtout being consumed by flames: Building resiliency and passion

Speakers: T. Turner, L. Bass, L. Zuniga
Slides: Download

Lightning round: Taking action: Integrating resilience and wellbeing into the postgraduate training curriculum

Speaker: H. Levy
Slides: Download

Resident duty hoursResident duty hours

Symposium: Are you ready to move beyond resident duty hours? Launching fatigue risk management in residency education

Speakers: K. Imrie, T. McLaughlin, L. Carroll, S. Taber, T. Taylor, M. Sen, J. Frank


The new call systems positive impacts and areas of concern: Practical tools for improving clinical and educational quality

Speakers: A. Lafleur, N. Sun, C. Lambert
Slides: Download

Simulation in residency educationSimulation in residency education

SimTrek: CanMEDS

Speakers: G. Posner, F. Bhanji, M. Goldenberg, J. Poitras, J. Hall, A. Garber, T. Taylor, P. Rao, M. Yan


KeyLIME: Best simulation literature

Speakers: F. Bhanji, G. Posner
Slides: Download

Teaching and learning in residency educationTeaching and learning in residency education

Building A Culture of Innovation Through Leading Change

Speakers: G. Luciano, S. Aulakh, M. Rosenblum, E. Holmboe, E. Warm, B. Kinnear, M. Kelleher
Slides: Download

KeyLIME: Best teaching and learning literature

Speakers: J. Bussario, W. Cheung
Slides: Download

Residents in difficulty: Complex remediation and the ‘circle of care’

Speaker: C. Trevelyan
Slides: Download

Strategies to enhance teaching and assessment of situational awareness

Speakers: J. Haber, J. Lockyer
Slides: Download

Transform your clinical competency committee with learner coaching

Speakers: M. Kelleher, B. Kinnear, E. Warm
Slides: Download

Using innovative technologies for medical educationUsing innovative technologies for medical education

Coaching in the operating room

Speakers: S. Fleming, M. Goldenberg, K. Harris


Dissemenation 2.0: Getting your work out there

Speakers: T. Chan, R. Rogers


Podcast your way to MedEd greatness

Speaker: R. Rogers

Part 1


Part 2


Beginner's Guide to Flip the Classroom

Speakers: S. Yiu, R. Patwari, R. Cooney
Slides: Download

Lightning round: Digital education: A critical appraisal

Speaker: F. Zaver
Slides: Download

Other conference programming

Workshop for new program directors

What the surveyor sees: The ins and outs of accreditation

Speakers: K. Finlay, J. Todesco
Slides: Download