ICRE | October 18-20, 2018

ICRE 2018 Resources

Plenary sessions

Miss that great competency-based curriculum assessment workshop or patient safety paper session? Discover new ways to enhance your educational practice by downloading slides from select ICRE 2018 workshops.

Understanding the Complex Construct of the Learning Environment: A Consensus Conference

Session nameSlides
Learning Environment Breakout: InclusivityDownload
Learning Environment Breakout: PsychologicalDownload
Learning Environment Consensus Conference Opening Plenary: What is the scope of clinical learning environments?Download

Program Administrators Conference

Session nameSlides
PA04: Creating and optimising your competence committeeDownload
PA10: Break the silence: Personal leadership as a weapon to speak upDownload
PA12: CBD – Translating theory to practiceDownload
PA13: CBME: The role of the Program AdministratorDownload
Program Administrators Plenary: Competency by design: How to support your residents in a new CBD world - the PA’s perspectiveDownload
Program Administrators Plenary: Fifty shades of CBME – Finding pleasure in a world of painDownload
PA15: The life of a resident through TMCEDownload
PA21: Help us help you: Understanding CBD implementation and identifying resources to support a smooth transitionDownload
PA24: CBME: The role of the Program AdministratorDownload
Program Administrators Plenary: More resilient more oftenDownload

Accreditation in residency education

Session nameSlides
Accreditation strategies unfolded: Play the gameDownload
Association between cardiology fellows’ evaluations and performance during fellowship trainingDownload
Building a robust teacher assessment process in your programDownload
Learning curves: Identifying learning trajectories of individual residents in a surgical residency programDownload

Admissions: Selecting residents

Session nameSlides
Applying Best Practices in Application and Selection (BPAS) in your residency programDownload
CaRMS portfolio evaluation: Are there any pearls in the oysters?Download
Identifying narcissistic traits in residency applicants: Go with your gutDownload
Improving resident selection practices in radiation oncology using a multiple mini-interview formatDownload
The black box of resident selection: The program director perspective on what mattersDownload
The preclerkship residency exploration program increases student interest in nonsurgical residency placementDownload
Trends in Canadian ophthalmology residency applicationsDownload
Understanding national selection practicesDownload

Assessment: Cutting edge tools and practical techniques

Session name Slides Audio
Essentials of Assessment in a Competency-based EraDownload
Assessing residents’ self-assessment accuracy in resuscitation medicine: Findings from a multi-institutional simulation based studyDownload
Establishing validity of a novel competency-based orthopedic objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) using convergent and divergent comparatorsDownload
Examining the accuracy of emergency medicine residents’ self-assessments during their objective standardized clinical examinationsDownload
Key factors for successful remediation in postgraduate medical educationDownload
Plastic surgery residents’ perception of feedback in the operating room—A comparison of structured and non-structured approachesDownload
Practice performance of physicians licensed through alternative registration pathways in Ontario, CanadaDownload
Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your program of assessment: A free validity consultDownload
Are OSCE scores a good predictor of clinical performance? A pilot studyDownload
Assessment of technical skills competence in the operating room: A systematic and scoping reviewDownload
Development of competency assessment tools for neonatal intubation and mask ventilation: An international Delphi studyDownload
Identifying cases for an OSCE in endocrinology and metabolism using consensus methodsDownload
The implementation of CanMEDS 2015 in simulation and assessment of internationally educated physiciansDownload
The interrater reliability of technical skills assessment and retention of rater trainingDownload
Using electronic health record data to assess emergency medicine trainees’ clinical performance using report cards: A qualitative account of what matters for assessmentDownload
A grounded theory study of assessment anchors in postgraduate medical education: Forthcoming opportunities and ongoing tensionsDownload
KeyLIME: The year's most interesting and impactful assessment literature Listen

Competency-based education

Session name Slides Audio
Building residency programs for greater social accountabilityDownload
CBME in anesthesia: The faculty experience in the first year of implementationDownload
Competence by design: Determining learner needsDownload
Creating and optimising your competence committeeDownload
Do the foundations of discipline entrustable professional activities examine the CanMEDS roles as intended?Download
Expectancy-value theory perspectives on competency-based medical education: So what and now what?Download
Exploring how coaches approach their roles: Implications for medical educationDownload
Exploring the effectiveness of competency-based assessment tools in providing quality feedback to medical oncology residentsDownload
Feeling overwhelmed? Examining perceptions of CBME graduates 3 years into practiceDownload
Implementation of a stage-specific resident boot camp: How to hit the ground runningDownload
Implementing CBD in Canadian residency programs: Interviews with CBME leads across CanadaDownload
Lightning Round: Avoiding potholes and road-blocks; Family medicine residency program directors share lessons learned about what works in successful CBME implementationDownload
Lightning Round: Dalhousie Anesthesia lessons learned from implementing CBMEDownload
Lightning Round: Educational consultants: Supporting program development and implementationDownload
Quality of entrustable professional activity feedback: A Calgary pilot project in competence by designDownload
Resident perceptions of competency-based medical education at Queen’s University, KingstonDownload
Scaffolding for assessment success: How 1 Canadian residency training program is paving the way for resident success in Competency by DesignDownload
Surgical coaching in obstetrics and gynecology: A multicenter pilot projectDownload
The language of entrustment: A qualitative study of internal medicine attending physiciansDownload
Web-based navigation of EPA assessments for general internal medicineDownload
Beyond hands-on and hands-off: A model of supervisory approaches on the inpatient wardDownload
CBME implementation at Queen’s University: Lessons learned from a 3-year longitudinal studyDownload
Evaluation fatigue in surgical education: Implications for competency-based medical educationDownload
Exploring the lived experience of implementing CBME in emergency medicine: Lessons learnedDownload
How competent is our competency training? Evaluation of the RANZCP training programDownload
Institutional CBME assessment completion rates: Monitoring implementationDownload
Wading through the data: Developing a structured framework to help guide academic advisorsDownload
Managing the challenges of implementing a Competency-based training program: Lessons learned from 8 years of competency-based training in the division of orthopaedic surgery at the University of Toronto Download Listen
KeyLIME: Discovering CBME Literature Listen

Educating for quality of care, patient safety, and resource stewardship

Session name Slides Audio
Advancing Patient Safety in Residency Education (ASPIRE) – EssentialsDownload
Symposium: Engaging residents in system change: Improving quality of care within the learning environment Listen

Engaging residents: Inspiring the next generation of leaders and educators

Session nameSlides
Does it work—Pilot implementation of 3 EPAs in busy medical oncology outpatient clinicsDownload
Does the operative experience of UK general surgery trainees reflect the entrustment model of competency assessment?Download
Factors affecting the development of confidence during surgical residency trainingDownload
Feedback frequency in Competency by Design: A quality improvement initiativeDownload
Resident survival storiesDownload
Validity, reliability, feasibility, and acceptability of using the consultation letter rating scale to assess written communication competencies among geriatric medicine postgraduate traineesDownload
Residents in the lead: How to design and develop an individual training programDownload

Faculty development

Session name Slides Audio
“Don't let anyone twist your arm into the job, it's too important”: Program directors’ tools and techniques for professionalism socializationDownload
A multi-methods systems approach to improving the culture and practice of feedbackDownload
Are faculty evaluated differently by junior and senior residents?Download
Coaching in residency: What is it and how might we best use it?Download
Gender differences in evaluations of faculty performance in a Canadian academic emergency medicine programDownload
Giving formative feedback in a CBME frameworkDownload
Online mastermind groups: A nonhierarchical mentorship model for professional developmentDownload
Preparing faculty to remediate residentsDownload
Reading between the lines: What do psychiatry learners tell us about educator effectiveness?Download
Learning by asking for and receiving feedbackDownload
Smoothing the transition for your faculty - Integrating WBA into your programDownload
Successful coaching of residents: An active approach with the (T)GROW method Download Listen
Differences in EM trainee caseload and faculty ratings associated with supervising faculty genderDownload
Becoming a master conductor: Developing facilitation skills to help learners hit the right notes Listen
Fundamental teaching activities for Competency-based Medical Education: A strategy for faculty development Listen
What gets residents into trouble? Rolling out the new CMPA resident symposium Listen

Health policy and residency education

Session name Slides Audio
Health policy 101: Fundamentals of effective health policy advocacy for physiciansDownload
Symposium: What trumps what? Balancing innovation and privacy rights Download Listen

Implementing quality of care, patient safety, and resource stewardship improvement projects

Session nameSlides
“Everyone thinks that everyone knows, but nobody really does”: A qualitative exploration of adolescent medicine subspecialty residents’ experience with trauma and trauma-informed careDownload
Development and implementation of a standardized emergency department handover toolDownload
Implementing the I-PASS handover bundle: Lessons learnedDownload
Improving patient communication in an academic emergency department’s rapid assessment zoneDownload
MyPathologyReport.ca: An online pathology education resource for patientsDownload
Reducing the time to analgesia for musculoskeletal injuries in the emergency departmentDownload
Resident practice-sharing in an academic family medicine teaching unit: Exploring effects on patient care and the resident educational experienceDownload
Applying high-value cost conscious care in postgraduate education: A Dutch perspectiveDownload

Leadership education

Session name Slides Audio
Assessing the impact of a chief resident orientation programDownload
Break the silence: Personal leadership as a weapon to speak upDownload
Challenges of chief residents: Difficulties and achievements of the role in a university hospitalDownload
Defining learning objectives and assessment of leadership skills to inform curriculum in family medicine postgraduate programDownload
Emerging leaders in academic medicine program: The resident experienceDownload
Integrating a leadership curriculum into the family medicine residency programDownload
Leading change in medical education: A practical application of theoriesDownload
Learning from others: 10 tips to create a personal learning networkDownload
The ABC's of leadership development during residency training for pretty much everyone Download Listen

Learning analytics

Session name Slides Audio
Learning Analytics 2.0Download
An empirical method for determining sentinel milestone ratings to predict residents’ attainment of recommended graduation targetsDownload
An empirical method for determining sentinel milestone ratings to predict residents’ attainment of recommended graduation targets Listen

Learning environments: Exploring new avenues

Session nameSlides
Rising Above: How Character Based Leadership Can Take Your Program to the Next LevelDownload
Change Masterclass: Bringing About Successful Change in the Learning EnvironmentDownload
Designing Physical Learning EnvironmentsDownload
Media and Communications Skills 101Download
Lightning Round: Safety for all: How to instill psychological safety into the learning environment to ensure safe careDownload
Power dynamics in the learning and work environment: 'Watt' can we do?Download
Upward feedback: A corner stone for a good clinical learning environmentDownload
An exploration of learning environment, culture, and associated strengths and challenges across residency training programsDownload
Autonomy provision and professional identity formation during residency: A qualitative studyDownload
Exploring how the clinical learning environment impacts residents’ nontechnical skill developmentDownload
Learning environments: Moving to the virtual spaceDownload
Medical education in the long-term care setting: Exploring residents’ experience of learning in this environmentDownload
Nature and nurture: How learning style and environment can optimize plastic surgery training in CanadaDownload
The hidden curriculum: A good thing?Download
Conference closing plenary session: Call me by my name: Seven habits to create a positive learning environmentDownload

Physician health and wellness

Session name Slides Audio
Enough about burnout, let's talk wellness: Strategies to fire up faculty and residentsDownload
Physicians, heal each other: Building resident leadership within a wellness programDownload
An evaluation of formalized mentorship for residents in psychiatry: A competency-based medical education program with career counseling toolsDownload
Burnout, depression, and belittlement: The results of a cluster analysis of survey data for US residentsDownload
Canadian critical care medicine physician perceptions regarding transition to Competence by Design: Mind the gap!Download
Examining intimidation and harassment in medical education: Impact on learning environment and program cultureDownload
Improving orientation for new traineesDownload
Lightning Round: Incorporating living from the heart into medical educationDownload
Mentorship needs of radiation oncology residents: Implications for program designDownload
Symposium: Effective and evidence-based physician wellness: What works? Listen

Resident duty hours

Session nameSlides
Exploring competency acquisition in neonatal resuscitation: Perspectives from residents and recent graduatesDownload

Simulation in residency education

Session name Slides Audio
From simulation to practice: A scoping review on skill transferDownload
Implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive proficiency-based upper gastrointestinal curriculum: A multi-institutional Canadian experienceDownload
Motivation to access laparoscopic skills training by obstetrics and gynecology residents: A novel tool to characterize motivationDownload
National pediatric critical care assessment of the individual trainee within a team: Organization, role in competency-based medical education, lessons, and future directionsDownload
Simulation for teaching and assessment of collaboration skills in a hematology residency programDownload
Simulation-based training for burr hole surgery procedure in VR versus iPad applicationsDownload
Surgery tutor for assessment of technical proficiency in open soft-tissue tumor resection: A validation studyDownload
KeyLIME: Best simulation literature Download Listen
SimTrek: CanMEDS Listen
Simulation for learning and assessment in CBME: Using it wisely Listen

Teaching and learning in residency education

Session name Slides Audio
“Get the DNR”: Exploring the impact of an educational e-Module on internal medicine residents’ attitudes and approaches to goals of care conversationsDownload
Barriers and enablers to direct observation of clinical performance—A qualitative study using the theoretical domains frameworkDownload
Contextual drivers of learner health advocacy decisionsDownload
Developing adaptive expertise through narrative shifts and workplace learningDownload
Empowering subspecialty residents’ competency in professionalism: A Balint group in adolescent medicineDownload
Is there a paper in your poster or abstract? Getting to the paper, after a posterDownload
Lightning Round: Creating a residency bootcamp to kickstart new resident learningDownload
Looking back: Using early career pediatricians’ experiences to inform postgraduate program designDownload
Reciprocal relationship between role and identity in professional identity formation during residency: A qualitative studyDownload
What European gynecologists need to master: Consensus on medical expertise outcomes of pan-European postgraduate training in obstetrics and gynecologyDownload
Program director survival storiesDownload
Coaching to competence Listen
KeyLIME: Best teaching and learning literature Listen

Using innovative technologies for medical education

Session nameSlides
An e-Learning approach to teaching clinicians how to correctly identify ultrasonographic features of mediastinal lymph nodesDownload
Developing an interactive machine learning–based teaching aid to increase diagnostic accuracy in prenatal hydronephrosisDownload
Developing program-specific e-Learning modules to aid surgical skill acquisition and knowledge retention in the setting of a junior arthroplasty rotationDownload
Facebook facilitates networking and collaboration between international emergency medicine residentsDownload
Pediatrics surgical residency training in Taiwan: A cross-institutional collaboration and engagement through social media in helping and auditingDownload
Residents’ perspectives of a flipped academic half-day program in physical medicine and rehabilitationDownload
The chief resident incubator: A virtual community of practiceDownload
Using a modified flipped classroom format to deliver academic half-days: A study of feasibility and acceptabilityDownload

The unique educational climate of the operating theatre

Session nameSlides
Current evidence on spatial reasoning in surgical educationDownload
The Building Excellence in Surgical Training (BEST) course: An innovative approach to induction for new surgical residentsDownload
The educational time-out: A model for structured perioperative teaching and learningDownload
The impact of out of program periods on time in general surgical training: A UK national database studyDownload

What Works? Innovations in residency teaching and assessment

Session nameSlides
eCHEMO: Promoting a culture of chemotherapy safety through e-learning in pediatric hematology oncologyDownload
From resident-as-teacher to resident-as-role model: Enhancing resident teaching skills curriculaDownload
Residents in the time of social media: Using simulation to explore emerging frontiers of professionalism in the learning environmentDownload
Revamping senior resident scenario rounds using curriculum mapping and a constructivist approachDownload
Validation of an innovative resident scholarship advancement modelDownload
CBD: Program knowledge and readinessDownload
Development, implementation, and evaluation of a Competency-based boot camp for first-year urology residentsDownload
Independent learning project option for shortened mandatory rotationsDownload
Reactive vs proactive support in training/residency, professional support unit, Wales DeaneryDownload
Resident led portfolio - Encouraging self assessmentDownload
Residents’ wellness program: Faculty development for mentorsDownload
Teaching for integrated mental health care competency in unique learning environments: Learning and growing togetherDownload
The implementation of a multi-institutional multi-disciplinary simulation-based resuscitation skills training programDownload