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Learning Analytics Summit:
Demystifying the Use of ‘Big Data’ for Medical Education

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The use of learning analytics in medical education and residency training programs has reached a tipping point: The amount of available and accessible sources of data and educational tools that can aid in understanding how trainees best learn is currently unprecedented. At the same time, educational data mining can literally be a minefield for those unfamiliar with cutting-edge analytics systems, software and platforms. Understanding how to critically interpret, present and use data related to assessment and clinical care is a significant step in advancing and enhancing medical education for the next generation of physicians.

Join a diverse group of medical education stakeholders on October 18-19, 2017 for ICRE’s inaugural Learning Analytics Summit: Demystifying the Use of ‘Big Data’ for Medical Education, and explore how analytics can help trainees reach their full potential. During this two-day summit, our international faculty of experts will engage participants in an interactive format, and discuss issues of validity and design, anchored on real-world examples.

Learning Objectives and Audience

This pre-conference summit is designed for medical educators, researchers, innovators, developers, implementers, accreditors and observers who are interested in learning more about how to best navigate and utilize analytics within their own training programs and/or professional practice. Upon completion of this two-day pre-conference event, participants will be able to:

  • understand current, real-world examples of how analytics can support clinical learning;
  • become part of a scholarly community articulating key questions for the advancement of educational design for learning analytics;
  • discuss key issues around ethics, data sources and analytical approaches to learning;
  • explore challenges and opportunities around the implementation of learning analytics tools; and
  • explain how learning analytics can bridge the gap in connecting education to enhanced patient outcomes.

Click here to register for the Learning Analytics Summit.

Fee: $490.00 (20 spaces for Residents at $200. Available on a first come first serve basis.)

Location: Quebec City Convention Centre

For more information, please contact