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About the Conference

Negotiating the Channels through Simulation

Negotiating the Channels through Simulation
September 28-29, 2018 – Ottawa Ontario

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The Simulation Summit is a unique and practical, interprofessional medical simulation education conference, which attracts hundreds of international simulation educators, researchers, health care professionals and other individuals engaged in the field of simulation.

Participants at the 2018 Simulation Summit will have the opportunity to collaborate with international colleagues on knowledge translation as it relates to simulation in healthcare; examine new technologies in medical simulation; investigate advances in medical simulation and much more.

Meeting Location

Shaw Centre
55 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9J2 Canada
Telephone (613) 563-1984

Learning objectives

Participants at the 2018 Summit will:

  • Explore strategies to use simulation as a tool for system improvement;
  • Apply simulation methods to enhance the delivery and quality of team based care;
  • Discuss opportunities to advance assessment in post graduate medicine.

Target audience

This two day conference is open to all individuals engaged in the field of simulation, from all healthcare disciplines.

This includes:

  • Canadian Forces personnel
  • Continuing medical education planners
  • Continuing professional development educators
  • Health profession education researchers
  • Health professional educators with an interest in simulation
  • Nurses
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Simulation centre/program directors
  • Simulation educators
  • Specialist physicians
  • Paramedics and first responders

Testimonials from past attendees

“The quality of the educational content and its delivery was incredible and eye opening. Novel ideas have sparked up and will contribute to improving our teams greatly, both from an educational and research perspective”.

“This was a great conference! Thank you for the interprofessional collaborative support with simulation education.”

“Awesome job from all - great activity (Sim Trek) to close the loop and summarize the summit ”

“Thank you for your generosity and kindness, and for making us feel so welcome. It means more to us than you may realize”.

Scientific Planning Committee

Co-Chair: Susan Brien

Local Chair: Glenn D. Posner

Past-chair: Kevin Lachapelle

Sim Trek : Adam Garber

Farhan Bhanji
Michelle Chiu
Jennifer Dale-Tam
Vicki R. LeBlanc
Caryne Lessard
Viren Naik
Purnima Rao
Walter Tavares
Kevin Thomas

Operations planning team

Angelita Aboukassam, sponsorship coordinator, Event Management and Hospitality Services

Louise Gervais, conference team lead, Event Management and Hospitality Services

Katherine Herbert, registration coordinator, Event Management and Hospitality Services

Courtney Jones, conference administrator, Event Management and Hospitality Services

Katie Kennedy, senior marketing specialist (conferences), Communications and Marketing

Meg LaPlante, conference assistant, Event Management and Hospitality Services


The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Telephone: 613-730-6294 / 1-800-668-3740 ext. 294