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What's important for a competency-based CPD model? Plus, we talk life post-exams with a former resident, tips for summer reading, and award & grant deadlines.

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The Directory is a searchable public resource where you'll find specialists who are Fellows of the Royal College.

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Recent staff publications / grants @#RCResearch:
Tanya Horsley & Craig Campbell (co-authors): National programmes for validating physician competence and fitness for practice: a scoping review.
Authors: Tanya Horsley et al.

Jason Frank (co-author):  Teaching M&M rounds skills: enhancing and assessing patient safety competencies using the Ottawa M&M model.
Authors: Shawn Mondoux et al.

Nancy Dudek (co-author):  Feedback to Supervisors: Is Anonymity Really So Important?
Authors: Nancy Dudek et al.

Statistics 201: Understanding & Calculating Common Medical Statistics

Care to brush up on your clinical statistics? The Research Unit presents another online seminar by statistician Dr. Nick Barrowman (CHEO/University of Ottawa). Contact for more information regarding the presentation.


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Volunteers are an integral component of the Royal College’s success. More than 3,000 individuals, mainly Royal College Fellows and Residents, contribute their time and expertise each year. Volunteer roles come in a wide range of time commitments and responsibilities.

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Royal College Fellowship is the national standard for specialist medical expertise. Because medicine keeps evolving, Royal College Fellows are always enhancing their learning and skills. Learn more about why Fellowship matters.

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The Directory is a searchable public resource where you’ll find specialists who are Fellows of the Royal College. You’ll also find other health care professionals and specialists-in-training who participate in the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program.