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Become a Resident Affiliate

The Royal College welcomes Resident Affiliates. We want to help you progress through important milestones of assessment, exams, certification and, ultimately, Fellowship in the Royal College. We encourage affiliation during your residency years, to become familiar with the Royal College and what we do for our members — now and when you are a certified specialist. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a Royal College accredited residency program in a primary specialty, and not previously certified by the Royal College or another certifying body for specialty medicine.

Note: When filling out the online application, first-time Resident Affiliates must complete all fields except Royal College ID number. You will receive a membership card with your Royal College ID number in the mail shortly after submitting your application.

Why become a Resident Affiliate?

Resident Affiliates enjoy many Royal College benefits, such as accumulating credits during residency that can be applied to your continuing professional development (CPD) requirements following certification.

Applying is easy
To become a Resident Affiliate, fill out the online application form or contact the Royal College Services Centre.

Telephone: 613-730-6243; toll-free 1-800-461-9598

The Royal College Services Centre is here to help.