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Royal College membership

The Royal College works on behalf of the medical profession to advance better health and health care for Canadians. The Royal College supports lifelong learning and the assessment of competence and performance from residency through practice and into retirement.

Royal College Fellows (members) are committed to providing high-quality specialty medical care. They are also committed to their own continuing professional development, which is supported through the Royal College’s Maintenance of Certification Program. Currently, our Fellows practice in 87 countries, and Resident Affiliates work in health centres across Canada.

Membership and affiliation categories

The Royal College welcomes specialists at every career stage. Learn about all our categories of membership, including Fellows (i.e., members) and several types of affiliation.

Membership breakdown

Active Fellows: 44,186
Resident Affiliates: 1,885
Retired Fellows: 7,509
Emeritus Fellows: 60
Honorary Fellows: 68

Total: 53,708 (figures are as of February 2019)

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Royal College Services Centre

Telephone: 613-730-6243; toll-free 1-800-461-9598

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More than 47,000 physicians belong to one of the Royal College’s membership categories.
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