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Recognizing our volunteers

We extend our thanks to the almost 3,000 volunteers who contribute to the community of specialty medicine each year by participating in the work of the Royal College.

We couldn’t do this work without you!

National volunteer week 2017

National volunteer week 2017

National volunteer week 2017

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A special thanks to our 25+ year volunteers:

We are deeply honoured to acknowledge current Royal College volunteers, who have served the Royal College for 25 years or more.

  • Dr. Jean Dorothy Gray
  • Dr. Richard John Warrington
  • Dr. John Spencer Leverette
  • Dr. Michael Ian Bowmer
  • Dr. Barry Orville Kassen
  • Dr. Richard Caerhayes Rowe
  • Dr. James William L. Wilson
  • Dr. James George Jarvis
  • Dr. William James Coke
  • Dr. David James McKnight
  • Dr Richard Bazin
  • Dr. James A. Nishikawa
  • Dr Pierre Douville
  • Dr. Gary Stephen Gordon Hnatko
  • Dr. Bryan Patrick Arthurs
  • Dr. Gérald Paul Marquette
  • Dr. Linda Sara Snell
  • Dr. Anne-Marie MacLellan
  • Dr. Donald Brock Vair
  • Dr. Lucinda Anne Whitman
  • Dr. Robert LaRoche
  • Dr. Geoffrey Hugh F. Johnston
  • Dr. Kathryn Leon Keely
  • Dre Louise Marie Samson
  • Dr. Michael John Rieder
  • Dr. Ian Murdoch MacDonald
  • Dr. Prafull Ghatage
  • Dr. Peter William Collingwood
  • Dr. Robert Gordon McCormack
  • Ms. Sandra Banner
  • Dr Paul Belliveau
  • Dr. Paul Harold Murphy