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Regional Advisory Committee 1

British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories.

Alika Lafontaine, BSc, MD, FRCPC
Message from the Chair

Alika LafontaineAs a member of the Royal College practicing in Grand Prairie, Alberta, I am pleased to introduce myself as the Chair of your Regional Advisory Committee (RAC 1).

I became a fellow with the Royal College in 2012 after completing my Anesthesia fellowship and MD at the University of Saskatchewan. I joined the Royal College Council in February 2016 and at this time became the Chair of RAC 1. I’ve always viewed physician engagement as central to our role in the health system – whether that be through our influence on medical education, clinical service provision or through patient advocacy. Whether deliberate or non-deliberate, you are shaping our health systems. Your voice matters. RAC 1 is one of many ways for you to influence the role of the Royal College. It is our responsibility as RAC 1 to ensure your voice is heard as part of the diverse and vibrant Fellows of Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and the Yukon.

The purpose of the Regional Advisory Committee is to

  • identify regional issues relevant to the practice of specialty medicine, medical education, and health policy for action by the Royal College;
  • promote effective communication with regional members;
  • facilitate regional members’ ability to share their perspectives, strategies or solutions within areas of common interest;
  • support the continuing professional development of members through collaboration with regional CPD Educators and other regional partner organizations, and
  • identify and support the development of regional members with the experience, skills and expertise to serve in various volunteer roles within the Royal College.

If you have any questions or issues that you would like to raise, you can contact me at (RAC Chair email inboxes are monitored by Royal College staff).

Alika Lafontaine, BSc, MD, FRCPC