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Become a SET instructor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SET instructor. Please forward your CV and references to

Note that we only accept instructors on an as needed basis and currently we are only looking for French speaking instructors as we prepare to start offering the course in French. Below are a list of requirements to become a SET instructor that you must demonstrate in your CV. If you are selected to be a SET instructor candidate, we will contact you to start the training process to become a SET instructor. This training process includes participating/auditing the course and instructing as a candidate at a second course. If you pass the evaluation during this process, you will be a SET instructor and invited to teach at future courses.

  • 8 years’ experience in simulation, either as an educator and/or researcher
  • Recognized content expertise in at least one of the following areas: curriculum design, scenario design, performance assessment, debriefing and/or program evaluation
  • Demonstration of excellent teaching skills and/or prior recognition for excellence in teaching
  • Prior formal training in simulation is desired
  • Advanced degree in education is desired
  • Flexibility with diverse learning environments and learning groups
  • 3 letters of reference