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Your top summer reads – revealed!

Last month, we asked for your book recommendations. This month, we present the final list. If you’re still looking for that perfect beach read, settle in and look no further…

Do you work in acute care? If so this new book is a must-read.

Optimizing Crisis Resource Management includes theoretical and practical examples. The e-version is available for free on the Royal College website.

MOC Tip of the Month - By Dr. Raheem Kherani

Want to improve your consultation skills? Try video.

Not only is video a great way to claim Section 3 credits, I promise you’ll be inspired to change your practice & improve how you interact with patients.

A Royal College Director shares her impression of our Latin American conference

“…it was important for me to better understand why the Royal College extends its reach beyond Canada’s borders.”

Here’s how the Canadian Rheumatology Association is addressing the TRC’s Calls to Action in Health

The Optimal Care Committee is leading the response strategy for the Canadian Rheumatology Association.