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Physician at work

Meet 5 women leading cutting-edge research on CBME in Canada

These five researchers are all examining timely, well-thought out and innovative projects. Get the details!

Doctor speaking with patient

Informed consent: 10 tips from the CMPA

To help manage your risk and ensure patients are informed and aware, the CMPA shared some tips.

MOC Tip of the Month - By Dr.  Shahid Ahmed

A researcher’s guide to fulfilling your MOC

Claim MOC Program credit while pursuing your research activities. Dr. Ahmed breaks it down.

Competence by Design event

The countdown is on! Competence by Design launches in under 2 months

Learn more about this transformation project and where your specialty falls in the rollout plan.

A globe

Find out which global partner just achieved “institutional recognition”

We’ll give you a hint: they’re located more than 7600 km away from our offices in Ottawa, Canada.

Dr. Rob Fowler, Dr. Robin McLeod and Dr. Karen Saperson

What this intensivist, surgeon and psychiatrist have in common

A soft-spoken Ebola-fighting intensivist, a surgeon-scientist champion of improved care, and an inspiring psychiatrist known for her keen insights...

Profs from the UK & Montreal net 2017 visiting professorships

Profs from the UK & Montreal net 2017 visiting professorships

Did you know that we support knowledge translation through visiting professorship programs?