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Eligibility for exams

If you succeed at the credentials review and actively participate in MOC PER, you will receive a letter of eligibility. This letter confirms that you meet the training and/or practice standards to register for the examination.

Your letter of eligibility will specify the year in which you can attempt the examination.

  • Eligibility via PER is only granted for one year at time, for a total of three attempts at the certification exam.
  • Prior eligibility will be counted.

After receiving eligibility you will be able to register for the examination.

  • You will receive a registration notice by email.
  • Only one attempt can be made per year.
  • Royal College exams take place once a year in the spring.

Exam preparation

The Royal College does not offer any exam preparation courses, but the following resources may help:

  • the discipline’s Objectives of Training Requirements (OTR)
  • exam preparation courses offered by select Canadian medical schools

What if I fail or my eligibility has expired?

  • If you fail but have remaining eligibility, you can register for the next year’s examination.
  • If your eligibility has expired through failure or failure to appear, you can apply to renew your eligibility for an additional year.

Please refer to the Policies and Procedures for Certification and Fellowship.


After certification, you will be invited to join the Royal College as a Fellow.

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