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International Clinician Educators (ICE) Summits

The theme of the session will be Continuing Medical Education for Clinician Educators by Clinician Educators. We encourage you to come learn and discuss important, provocative and controversial topics with your fellow Clinician Educators from around the world!

Please note that this event is exclusively for practicing Clinician Educators. ICE Summits defines a Clinician Educator as follows:

ICE Summit:
Not Your Typical MedEd Conference!
  • Is a current or former clinician with experience in the delivery of healthcare as well as the supervision and teaching of health professionals;

  • Applies education, psychology, and leadership theory to educational practice;

  • Engages in education scholarship; and

  • Provides consultation and advice regarding educational issues in the health professions.

Save the date! Upcoming in 2017

ICE Summit 2017: Helsinki will be held in Finland in conjunction with AMEE
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Co-Chaired by: Dr. Jamiu Busari and Dr. Jonas Nordquist
Registration link:
Registration fee :$275
Networking Dinner Fee: $85
Program information

ICE Summit 2017: Quebec City will be held in Quebec, Canada in conjunction with ICRE
Sunday, October 22, 2017
Co-Chaired by: Dr. Felix Ankel and Dr. Linda Snell
Registration link:
Registration fee :$200
Program information:

Want to learn more?

For more information, please contact the ICE Summit office at