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AFC and specialties application processes

Applicants who apply for discipline recognition are leaders in their field who want to ensure national standards for an area of expertise not currently recognized by the Royal College. The application process is different for Areas of Focused Competence (AFC) diplomas when compared to the process for specialties and subspecialties.

AFC diplomas

Applications for AFC diplomas represent areas of medical expertise that respond to significant societal needs, but do not meet the criteria of a subspecialty discipline. AFC diplomas follow this approval process path:

Specialties and subspecialties

Applications for a specialty represent an area of medicine with a broad-based body of knowledge that is relevant in both community and tertiary settings and serves as the basis for additional competencies, such as subspecialties. Specialties and subspecialties have two additional steps in the approval process path:

Find out how to apply for recognition of a specialty or subspecialty