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Special Interest Groups of Medical Activity (SIGMA)

Special Interest Groups of Medical Activity (SIGMAs) recognize disciplines that are emerging fields of interest and meet a legitimate societal need, but do not yet have an established practice base or are without a widespread impact to date.

Although SIGMAs are not formally recognized disciplines of the Royal College, they do represent domains of medicine that Royal College Fellows are developing. SIGMAs are intended to help advance medicine as new areas of science and societal need arise, and act as a gateway to more formalized recognition by the Royal College — perhaps eventually to an Area of Focused Competence (AFC) diploma or subspecialty.


  • Offer Fellows access to infrastructure to further explore and develop these fields
  • Connect Fellows with others across the country with similar interests
  • Ensure the Royal College remains relevant to its members and the Canadian public by reflecting trends and evolutions in medicine
  • Offer an innovative option for Maintenance of Certificate (MOC) and life-long learning
  • Provide a pipeline for new disciplines wishing to become formally recognized by the Royal College

All applications for fundamentals programs will be reviewed by the Royal College Committee on Specialties.

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