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Dialogue publication

October 2018 edition

New eConsult service is speeding patient access to specialist care, plus the surgeon behind Canada’s first facial transplant talks planning for this procedure, a phychiatrist shares about his futuristic new therapy, fall MOC tips, resource stewardship toolkits, Honorary Fellowship and more.

CBD TouchPoint publication

September 2018 edition

In this issue of CBD Community Touchpoint, we reflect on the past year, recognizing how feedback from across medical education has helped shape CBD as it moves forward.

Residents Medical Educators

Royal College Research

Recent staff publications / grants @#RCResearch:

Farhan Bhanji (co-author): ILCOR Scientific Knowledge Gaps and Clinical Research Priorities for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care: A Consensus Statement.
Authors: M.E. Kleinman et al.

Pierre Cardinal and Vicki LeBlanc (co-authors): Does the age of acute care physicians impact their (1) crisis management performance and (2) learning after simulation-based education? A protocol for a multicentre prospective cohort study in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada.
Authors: F. Alam et al.

Denyse Richardson and Rodrigo Cavalcanti (co-authors): Feedback Credibility in a Formative Postgraduate Objective Structured Clinical Examination: Effects of Examiner Type.
Authors: L. Stroud et al.

Tanya Horsley (co-investigator): CIHR Planning and Dissemination Grant: Using 'brain hacks' for multiple health behaviour change: Planning the first-in-Canada evaluation of implementation intentions at scale. ($20,000).
PI(s): J. Pressueau, J. Grimshaw and J. Squires

Information by Discipline

Training objectives and specialty requirements



Statistics 201: Understanding & Calculating Common Medical Statistics

Care to brush up on your clinical statistics? The Research Unit presents another online seminar by statistician Dr. Nick Barrowman (CHEO/University of Ottawa). Contact for more information regarding the presentation.


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Login to Alfresco, the Royal College’s secure online collaboration tool for all members, fellows and employees. You can access Alfresco at any time and from any place you have an Internet connection.

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Volunteers are an integral component of the Royal College’s success. More than 3,000 individuals, mainly Royal College Fellows and Residents, contribute their time and expertise each year. Volunteer roles come in a wide range of time commitments and responsibilities.

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Why Fellowship matters

Royal College Fellowship is the national standard for specialist medical expertise. Because medicine keeps evolving, Royal College Fellows are always enhancing their learning & skills. Learn more about why Fellowship matters.

Is your specialist a Fellow?

The Directory is a searchable public resource where you’ll find specialists who are Fellows of the Royal College. You’ll also find other health care professionals and specialists-in-training who participate in the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program.


Saudi medical residents and fellows allowed to stay in Canada

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada is pleased to hear that the 1,053 Saudi medical residents and fellows in Canada have received notice from the Saudi Ministry of Education indicating that they may continue in their positions until an alternative assignment is arranged.

This is good news for the Saudi medical graduates, as well as the Canadian hospitals that benefit from the daily care these trainees provide to patients across Canada. This decision is also positive news for Canadian medical schools that benefit from the expertise of Saudi medical students.

In addition, this means that the Saudi medical trainees who have completed their training will be able to write their fall exams.

At this point in time, it’s unclear whether Saudi Arabian residents and fellows who are scheduled to start programs in Canada this year will be able to do so.