National Consultation Process

The Canadian medical education system is arguably one of the best in the world, but on behalf of Canadians we continue to raise the bar to deliver the best health care for all. Together, with our partners, we are working toward system improvements to provide high quality training and ensure competence across the continuum. 

Phase 1 [we are here]

The first phase of CanMEDS 2025 consultations is underway and includes the dissemination of project details and gathering feedback regarding the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps of the current framework. Our tactics range from direct, personal discussions with key audiences to more structured consultations, including: 

  • CanMEDS Emerging Concepts Online Survey 
    • In October 2021, we opened a survey to gather feedback about the 2015 CanMEDS framework. The survey, available on the Royal College website, is open to anyone visiting the page. Targeted invitations and reminders were also sent to PG Deans, Specialty Committee Chairs and CanMEDS 2015 Expert Working Group members in the fall of 2021. 
    • While the survey currently remains open, the results from October to December were reviewed as part of an environmental scan, which will be shared with the CanMEDS 2025 Expert Working Groups (EWGs) before they begin to meet in early 2023.
  • CanMEDS Document Review 
    • In the fall of 2021, member organizations of the CanMEDS Consortium were asked to share relevant documents (e.g., reports, white papers, standards, competencies) to help the Steering Committee better understand new or under-represented topics relevant to CanMEDS 2025. Learn more about the Emerging Concepts work. 
  • CanMEDS 2025 ePanels 
    • A series of  ePanels were organized in 2022 and will begin work in 2023. CanMEDS 2025 ePanelists generally self-identified as having an interest in one or more CanMEDS roles or one of six theme groups. As ePanelists, participants receive early drafts of the EWG reports and are asked for their opinion on the strengths, weaknesses, gaps and practicality of the working documents. Their feedback is presented to the CanMEDS 2025 EWGs.5 EWGs.
  • CanMEDS 2025 webinars 
    • These open-access sessions will be held in 2023 in both official languages. They will provide an overview of the CanMEDS 2025 project, including the Emerging Concepts. The sessions will provide participants with an opportunity to ask questions and offer input. 
  • Social media and e-mail 
  • Patient Engagement 
    • We intend to involve patients in the consultation process for CanMEDS 2025 and will have more details soon. 

Phase 2 [starts in 2024]

The first draft of the CanMEDS 2025 framework is expected to be presented in March 2024, which also marks the transition to Phase 2 of the consultation process. While the details of Phase 2 are under discussion, we expect that consultations will focus on gathering feedback on the draft 2025 framework. Stakeholder feedback will be key to informing changes to the draft framework going forward. A brief synopsis of the expected consultation tactics are outlined below. If you have other suggestions to promote meaningful engagement, contact us at

  • National Online Survey
    • The CanMEDS Steering Committee is planning to conduct a national online survey to gather feedback on the draft revised framework. This survey will open in the spring for four to six weeks. It is likely that the survey results will lead to a second draft of the framework, which will result in a second round of surveys. 
  • CanMEDS 2025 ePanels 
    • Through 2024, the Steering Committee will continue to leverage the support and involvement of the CanMEDS 2025 ePanels.
  • CanMEDS 2025 Webinars 
    • The Royal College will continue to host webinars throughout 2024 to ensure anyone who is interested can ask questions and offer input. 

Launching the updated CanMEDS Framework

The official launch of CanMEDS25 is expected in the fall of 2025. The rollout of the Royal College’s specialty specific objectives of training and other associated resources will continue for several years after the framework’s release and will include faculty development support from the Royal College. 

Your input matters

We all have a stake in CanMEDS 2025. Your input and support matters to us.

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