CPD Educators - Region 5

We’re your local Royal College CPD Educators, and we’re here to help you understand the Royal College’s MOC Program and MAINPORT ePortfolio platform.

We assist Fellows and MOC Program participants living in the Royal College’s Region 5, (N.B., N.S., P.E.I., N.L.).

Ford Bursey

Ford Bursey, MD, FRCPC

Jo-Ann Talbot

Jo-Ann Talbot, MD, FRCPC

Contact Ford or Jo-Ann at cpd-ed@royalcollege.ca*


Services offered

  • We support individuals like you in person, through email or by phone.
  • We also support group learning through workshops and other educational activities.

CPD Educator expertise can help you

  • Understand where your learning activities “fit,” as well as the MOC Program’s philosophy, framework and requirements.
  • Identify and develop educational strategies and tools.
  • Use self-learning and assessment strategies.
  • Use your MAINPORT ePortfolio to plan, document and manage your learning activities.


*Note: CPD Educator email inboxes are managed by Royal College staff.