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Virtual teaching resources

In light of the clinical responses to COVID-19, many educators are making significant adjustments to clinical experiences and training opportunities for their residents. These changes include reductions in OR activity and in ambulatory clinic experiences as well as the cancellation of group learning activities like rounds, simulation sessions and other academic activities.

Given that disruptions related to COVID-19 are likely to continue for many months, programs are innovating and adapting in order to support ongoing resident learning. This temporary webpage is designed to support those important efforts.

Teaching virtually – given physical distancing constraints and concerns about resident safety, many programs have implemented, or may implement, virtual alternatives to traditional teaching approaches. This short document is designed to help programs teach residents in a virtual / remote manner.

Learning virtually – Due to COVID-19, many face-to-face educational activities are switching to the virtual environment, and learners have to adjust quickly. This short document offers tips for communicating and interacting in the virtual learning environment, as well as technical considerations for using video conferencing tools.

Remote Faculty Development: Key CBD Resources – is a curated at-a-glance list of CBD faculty development resources that can be taught remotely. It helps ensure you cover all of the key topics and it gives guidance on which resources are most appropriate for different audiences and for different remote delivery methods.

Faculty Engagement During COVID-19 – outlines 17 ways to engage your faculty in learning activities during the pandemic, including some practical tips for getting faculty to read and respond to your emails.

CanMEDS Teaching – The CanMEDS Teaching and Assessment Tools Guide includes a chapter and numerous tools for teaching and assessing all 7 CanMEDS Roles. While the pandemic may be shifting our traditional approach to teaching, educators are encouraged to consider the opportunities arising for the development of CanMEDS Roles beyond the Medical Expert (e.g. Leader, Scholar, Communicator, etc.). Check out this free resource as you may find that you can take these off-the shelf tools and use them to support learning. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Ideas for Clinical Teaching During COVID-19 – As mentioned above, many educators are making significant adjustments to clinical experiences and training opportunities for their residents due to COVID-19. The purpose of this document is to share tips and resources from the front line for continuing residency education while managing the pandemic and maintaining physical distancing.

Ideas for Teaching CanMEDS During COVID-19 – This resource compiles ideas for clinical and non-clinical educational experiences during COVID-19, and is organized by the seven CanMEDS Roles. As you’ll see, many of these educational opportunities occur in responding to the pandemic itself, whereas other opportunities may be used to help fill the gap when usual clinical duties are problematic due to PPE shortages, physical distancing constraints, and other safety concerns.