International residency accreditation and recognition

The Royal College offers accreditation and recognition services to international jurisdictions. These services include the accreditation and recognition of residency programs and residency education institutions (i.e. the office responsible for residency education at an organization or university).

Royal College International Residency Education Accreditation (Institutions and Residency Programs)

Royal College international accreditation is equivalent to Canadian residency accreditation. The international institution and residency program accreditation standards (general and discipline-specific) are equivalent to those applicable to Canadian institutions and residency programs. For a list of institutions and residency programs accredited by the Royal College, please click the following links:

Royal College International Residency Education Recognition (Institutions and Residency Programs)

The Royal College recognizes institutions and programs that have a commitment to continuous improvement and quality postgraduate medical education. The standards of recognition and enhancement for international institutions and residency programs recognize high-quality residency education without requiring equivalency with general and discipline-specific Canadian standards of accreditation.

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