Budgetary Guidelines

2024 Dr. Karen Mann Catalyst Grant in Medical Education Research

Value: up to $30,000 per project

Duration: 1 to 2 years

The following list of acceptable and unacceptable expenses is intended to assist applicants in preparing their budgetary requests; the list is not exhaustive. Inquiries can be made to kmanncatalyst@royalcollege.ca

Acceptable expenses:

  • materials and supplies (including telephone, photocopying and postage costs)
  • meeting/focus group costs (including modest refreshment)
  • salary support for principal investigator (maximum of $10,000 per year)
  • personnel/project staff (i.e., salary and benefits for work performed by research associates, research assistants, technicians, statisticians, secretaries, clerks)
  • relevant software purchase or licensing fees
  • fees paid to research participants (i.e., modest incentive for participation)
  • honoraria for expert consultants or professional participants
  • a maximum rate of $150/audio hour for transcription costs; rates that exceed this maximum must be clearly justified and are subject to approval
  • up to $5,000 allotted for associated costs assigned to mentor (e.g. travel to conference where mentee presents terminal project findings)

Dissemination costs:

  • editing and translation of manuscripts, publication and/or poster costs
  • a maximum of $4,000 towards travel, meals, accommodation and conference registration for one researcher to disseminate project findings at one meeting. May include travel to meet, co-locate or otherwise with designated mentor.

Note: travel expenses are to be categorized as post-project dissemination or project-related travel expenses. These must be clearly delineated within the budget to distinguish between travel to attend a conference (maximum $2,000) versus those anticipated and related to project conduct or implementation. Project- travel costs will be approved by project and as applicable.

Unacceptable expenses:

  • tuition or course fees
  • capital equipment costs (e.g., computer hardware, office equipment)
  • overhead costs
  • university or other organization administrative or indirect fees
  • co-investigator’s fees for services rendered
  • product development costs (e.g. materials intended for future sale or profit).
  • professional development costs (e.g. writing courses)

Budget outline must be provided (maximum 2 pages); all items must be justified.

Grant funds:

  • must be administered by a third party (such as a university or hospital department or research institution)
  • are to be used strictly as described in the grant proposal’s budget page; if projects are completed under budget, all surplus grant funds must be reported and returned to the Royal College on project completion.